1 Billion People Check Facebook Daily

1 Billion Facebook Users Log into Their Accounts Everyday

The new and improved Facebook seems to be attracting a lot of users.

Facebook has revealed that the total number of users on their platform have grown to 1.55 billion. 1 billion of these users log into their accounts every single day, which means that 1 in 7 human beings on planet earth check their Facebook accounts on daily basis.

There are no surprises here as we already know that Facebook has become an integral part of almost everyone who has access to the internet.

People at Facebook also realize that so many people are logging in, which is why they are always looking for different ways to improve the overall experience. Recently, they started 2G Tuesdays at office where employees had to switch to 2G internet for a few hours just to see what kind of problems people with slow internet connection face on regular basis. Furthermore, they have improved their video player, which has helped them double their video views as now more than 8 billion videos are being watched in a single day.

Facebook has only seen growth since coming into existence and nowadays when there are so many other social networking platforms, Facebook still manages to stand on its own. The interest in social networks has been increasing, which means that there will be more than 1.55 billion members when Facebook reveals its next infographic.


Image Courtesy: crushcampaigns.com

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