Here are the 10 Best Windows Phone Apps That You Must Have

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Microsoft’s Windows Phone doesn’t enjoy the perks of having a massive market share on the scale of Android and IOS devices. Despite Android and iOS capturing users’ attention to a higher level, the Windows Phone have not vanished from the market. In fact, there are some outstanding features in a Windows Phone that may not be found in any other device. In this post, we will be highlighting some of the best windows phone apps that can be downloaded and installed on your Windows Phone.

The Windows Phone features some exceptional quality devices and boasts incredible features such as Live Tile widgets, clean and clear visual design, and integration with Windows 10 in the new Universal Windows Platform system. The finest example would be HP’s Elite X3.

Those who’ve gotten an understanding of a Windows Phone device might not use any other mobile device. With Microsoft releasing new Windows Phone in the market, we thought why not revisit some of our most favorite apps for your Windows Phone device.

10 Best Windows Phone Apps

Here’s our list of the 10 best Windows Phone apps that you must have on your device:

1.      Slack (Beta) – Free

It took a while for Slack – a group messaging app – to make its way to the Windows Phone. Now that it’s here, Windows Phone users can enjoy the app’s user-friendly collaborative messaging system. This app is useful not only for the group of friends but also for classmates and small businesses and teams. It’s system of topic-based channels with super easy attachments and file sharing feature make it a flexible communications app for the users. For now, Slack is in beta, therefore you might encounter some bugs that pop up once in every while on the app. All in all, it’s a great app to have on your Windows Phone.

2.      OneDrive – Free

Owned by Microsoft itself, OneDrive is the most popular cloud storage app for the Windows Phone. This app allows you to keep your content – photos, videos, documents, and more files in a single location that can be accessed from all of your devices. Once you start using the app, every single file stored within OneDrive can be accessed from your PC, Windows Phone or even tablet. Moreover, it also lets you easily share your files with your friends and colleagues. This app is available for free.

3.      Office Lens – Free

Office Lens is basically a Microsoft-developed solution that has been designed to meet your digitization needs. The functioning of this app is really interesting. Turning your Windows Phone’s camera into a pocket scanner, Office Lens captures your documents, receipts, business cards, whiteboard notes and other documents, cleans them up and then automatically converts them into Office documents, PowerPoint presentations, or PDF files which you can later upload to OneDrive. The images of the documents taken by your device’s camera are saved to OneNote and can also be transformed to Office files. Like OneDrive, this app is also available for free.

4.      VLC – Free

VLC app has arrived on Windows Phone and works just like its desktop version. It’s a free, user-friendly, multimedia player that has been designed to play almost any type of video format you throw at it. With the VLC app installed on your Windows Phone, you no longer have to spend copious amounts of time transcoding music or video files into universal formats because the app has been designed to accept more complex media formats such as MPC, OGG, MKV, and FLAC.

5.      Facebook – Free

Inarguably, the most famous social media platform, Facebook also had to make an entry to the Windows Phone platform. This social media app allows users to stay in touch with their friends, family members, colleagues, and acquaintances online. They can upload their own statuses, pictures, and videos, go online, play games with their friends, chat with them individually or in groups and also see what their friends are up to. It’s a great revolutionary app that has changed the meaning of digital communication for users worldwide.

6.      WhatsApp – Free 1 year, $0.99/year

Known as the widely popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp has put behind all other instant messaging apps since it came into view. With a quick and easy setup process, this app automatically syncs with your phone’s contacts and makes the conversations quite convenient. The best thing about this app is that it gives you a complete ad-free experience. Users can exchange text messages, photos, audios, videos, as well as other files with their WhatsApp contacts. For the first year, WhatsApp is free to use but costs $0.99 per year after the one-year period.

7.      Adobe Photoshop Express – Free

Adobe Photoshop Express appears to be a great primary level editing tool for basic photo touching and enhancement. Basic editing tools such as straightening, cropping, red-eye removal and rotating are included in this app. There’s also an inclusion of sliders and one-touch tools for removing noise, adding sharpness, color, and exposure to a picture. All in all, it’s a great photo editing app which should be present on your Windows Phone at all times.

8.      Translator – Free


Following the footsteps of Google Translate, Microsoft didn’t stay behind launched its own translator app known as Bing Translator which is not only easy to use but is also equipped with incredible features that work quite well on your Windows Phone device. Translator app translates the text into around 50 languages and voice from 18 languages. One of the fascinating features of this app is that it instantly captures translations from images taken on your Windows Phone camera and translates on-screen before your eyes. The images can be of menus, signs, newspaper articles, etc. Moreover, offline translations allow you to download language packs and a text-to-speech feature lets you play out the translations.

9.      Skype – Free

No Windows Phone can be considered complete without having Skype installed on it. Microsoft’s universal and most famous VoIP app gets a modern touch in the Windows Phones. This was the first app to introduce audio and video calls for the users to communicate with their friends, family members living around different parts of the world. Along with audio and video calls, the app also provided users a platform to send/receive instant messages to another person. Skype-to-Skype audio and video calls are free whereas calls to landline or mobile numbers (both national and international) have a nominal fee.

10. Netflix – Free

Netflix, one of the largest and famous video streaming online service, turns your Windows Phone device into a portable cinema whenever you stream your favorite movie or TV show on it. If you’ve already subscribed to Netflix, then you can download its app on your device and browse through the collection of thousands of movies and TV shows with their regular updates. In case you haven’t subscribed to the service, you can still download the app, sign up and enjoy a free trial for one month to witness how amazing this service is.


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