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10 Biggest Israeli Startups to Keep Your Eyes On

2015 has been a great year for the entrepreneurs living in Israel as the country saw record breaking venture capital funding, and the valuation of new companies skyrocketed. A large number of companies have been brought to life in Israel in the past few years, but for now we’ll just be taking a look at ten startups that have performed outstandingly well last year because of their products, their vision, their mission, or their founders.


IronSource came up with a brilliant idea as it allowed mobile developers around the world to advertise and find customers without much of a hassle. Naturally, developers started to sign up instantly. As of now, more than half a billion people have registered with IronSource, which is helping the company generate “hundreds of millions” in revenue.


There aren’t many reliable ‘website and app’ performance measuring tools available, but SimilarWeb clearly wanted to change that. So far, the company has managed to achieve what it wanted to, which is why the CEO of the company has set his sights on a new and somewhat ambitious goal, which is to overtake Alexa as the most popular service for analyzing web traffic. SimilarWeb is committed to what it is doing and its recent growth clearly shows that. Just in last twelve months, the number of employees at the company has climbed to 200 from an initial workforce of 60.

ZUtA Labs

ZUtA Labs became an instant hit on Kickstarter when it introduced a small palm-sized printer. This printer has the ability to walk across the page and print anything users want. The device’s Kickstarter goal of $500,000 was met soon after its reveal and since then, ZUtA Labs has received more investment through multiple sources. The printer also won the best innovation award at CES 2015. ZUtA Labs is currently selling its infamous printer via online orders. However, in 2016, the small printer will be put up for sale “with one of the leading retailers in the world”, the name of which is being kept a secret by the CEO of the company for now.


TestFairy is another brilliant startup that has been brought to life to help app developers around the globe. The purpose of this startup is to test and provide video feedback of each app that has been sent to them. The best part is that this service is completely free for all independent developers. This of course makes TestFairy a go-to service for a lot of people, which is why it already has the backing of 10,000 developers. The well-established organizations, however, cannot get a free pass as they will have to pay if they want to get their app tested.


StoreDot is working day in and day out to come up with a technology that will charge the battery almost instantly. The startup has received over $18 million in investment from different backers, including Russian billionaire and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. Currently, StoreDot is working on building prototype for the first ever “instantly-charging car battery.” The company has revealed that as of now, 47 employees are working on the prototype, but this number will go up to 60 in the near future.


Lightricks is the studio that created photo-editing app called Facetune, which has been downloaded over 4.5 million times, and is amongst the most popular apps. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian use this app to enhance the look of her selfies. Touching up photos is one of the favorite hobbies of the people nowadays and this habit is the reason Lightricks has managed to make quite a name for itself in such a short time. This startup was brought to life by a team of PhD scholars. What it has come up with is more than just an app. It has basically created a graphics engine that has the ability to enhance the result of a camera. Although Lightricks is in profit, it has just raised $10 million in venture investment so that it can grow a bit faster.


Fitness22 has created a ton of apps related to fitness and they’ve all done pretty well. All of these apps made their way to the stores without any marketing and they just made a name for themselves on the basis of their great features. Over 30 million apps from Fitness22 have been downloaded as of this moment, but the app that has really done the trick for the startup is called 5K Runner. This app trains users to run a 5K race in the period of 8 weeks.


It seems hackers are everywhere nowadays, and as soon as you connect your device to a public network, these hackers can attack your phone. This kind of attack is called comjacking and it has started to happen a whole lot lately. Comjacking allows hackers to sneak in spyware into your device, which then can be used to spy on your everyday activities and communications. However, if you have CoroNet installed on your device, it will get rid of these spyware with ease, hence keeping you and your device safe. It’s easily one of the best startups in Israel at the moment, and is proving to be quite helpful for the general public.


There are a lot of websites that allow you to create websites without learning to code, but those sites usually end up being just bland and boring that no one really likes to visit if they can help it. People at Webydo realized this and came up with a way of creating stunningly beautiful websites without coding. Webydo is growing steadily as almost 200,000 users have signed up on it already. This startup currently employs 60 workers and has heaved over $13 million in investment.


Hardcore gamers find it pretty hard to settle on mobile gaming because they’ve become so accustomed to PC/console gaming. However, Plarium provides hardcore gamers some awesome gaming experience on smartphones and browsers. Over 130 million people worldwide play games made by Plarium and this number is growing with each passing day. Currently, there are over 800 employees working for the company internationally, 150 of whom are in Israel. It’s a family business that has 7 co-founders. Including twin brothers, their sister, and their cousin.

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