10 Geekiest Gift Ideas for The Geeks in Your Life

Coming up with gift ideas for people who are passionate about technology is never easy. Such people can be quite picky about the stuff they want, but unfortunately, guessing that stuff is rarely a piece of cake. This is where we come in as we have outlined ten gifts that the geeks in your life would definitely love.

Star Wars Gadgets


We apologize in advance for the sweeping generalization we’re about to make, but there’s a very strong likelihood that the geeks in your life are die-hard fans of the Star Wars franchise. Use this knowledge to your advantage by gifting them Star Wars related gadgets like costumes, Lightsabers, replicas of starships, or some other collectibles. Anything related to Star Wars would be a great present for the geeks in your life, and the chances of them disliking it are close to none.

The One Ring


Lord of the Rings has a very powerful drooling effect on both geeks and non-geeks alike. The books were great and their live-action adaptations were equally awesome. Fans of the franchise love just about anything related to the movies and books, but there is one thing they love the most, The One Ring belonging to Sauron but in possession of Frodo Baggins, courtesy of Bilbo Baggins and his encounter with Gollum in The Hobbit. The whole story of the books and movies revolve around the infamous ring so it’s quite popular amongst fans, including the people you’re planning on surprising with a gift. Because of its popularity, The One Ring sells out rather quickly so if you want to gift it to the geeks in your life, you might have to look up more than one store.

Gaming Keyboard


Gaming on the normal keyboard feels pretty normal, so why not spice up the gaming life of the geeks in your life by gifting them a gaming keyboard. There are a bunch of them available in the market in different designs and with different features. However, they all serve the same purpose, which is to satisfy the gamers and provide them with what they need without much of a hassle. PC gamers have to adjust controls with each game they play, but that won’t be the case once they have their own gaming keyboard. So save the geeks in your life some trouble and get them a gaming keyboard.

Winter is Coming Jersey/Jacket


There are countless Game of Thrones fans, and the geeks in your life are sure to be on the list of people who eat, sleep, and breathe this popular TV show. One of the most popular dialogues from the show “Winter is Coming”, mostly uttered by one of the protagonists Jon Snow, is being imprinted on clothing items since the show began. There are T-shirts, jerseys, and jackets with the popular dialogue on them. This would surely make a great gift.



Even if the geeks in your life own one of the best headphones, they will still think that there is a better one out there. More often than not, they are right. New headphones keep the market on regular basis and they tend to be better than the previous versions. Gamers are quite selective about their headsets so they are always looking to get their hands on the best possible option. This time around, you can help them in their endeavor as you can gift them a headphone that would fit their needs. Headsets always need updating, especially for geeks who want premium experience in their gaming, movies, and TV shows. So a new and advanced headset is definitely a great gift option.

Anime Replicas


Anime replicas would also do just fine as gifts for the geeks in your life. If they are into anime and like something in particular, then you should consider getting them something related to their favorite anime. You can get them collectible figurines of their beloved character, or you can get them a Blu-ray or DVD of it, so that they can add it to their collection.

PlayStation 4


In just two years, Sony’s latest gaming console has established itself as the market leader. It is outselling its biggest competitor Xbox One by quite some margin. Some performance advantages and a few exclusivity deals with the developers have made PS4 the first choice for the gamers. With more than 30 million units sold, there surely is a demand for it. So if you’re dealing with a geek who is into console gaming, then you should consider getting them a PS4 in case they haven’t purchased one already. They would definitely be grateful to you for the generous gift.

Xbox One


Although Microsoft’s Xbox One is lagging behind PS4 in terms of sales, that doesn’t mean it is a lesser machine. The third-party developers are releasing games on both platforms and they work almost the same on both of them. Xbox One certainly had a better exclusives line-up this year and they seem set to make their mark next year as well. Moreover, Microsoft has introduced backward compatibility, which means that gamers can play selected titles released on previous generation console without paying anything more. With most of the features and games almost the same on PS4 and Xbox One, it’s just a matter of preference. Be mindful of the fact that geeks take console wars very seriously. So it’s better if you consult the geek you’re planning on surprising with a gift before getting them any of the two consoles.



If you the geeks in your life are avid gamers, then there’s no better gift for them than video games. Games are quite expensive, and since there are a ton of them available, gamers are forced to make a choice. This is where you can come in and gift them games that they were not able to buy.

Gaming Gift Cards


Gaming is a luxury that costs a lot of money. There is just no way for the geeks in your life to afford every single game they want, unless they happen to be millionaires of course, and this is where they can use your generosity. If you can get them the games they’ve been dying to get, then that’s great, but if you aren’t able to do that for any reason, then just give them a gaming gift card. These cards contain money for digital gaming stores that gamers can use to buy their favorite video games and a bunch of other stuff.