10 Signs You Are a Serial Facebook Stalker

Facebook stalking is such a bad thing, right? And yet you have this strong feeling that maybe, just maybe you’re guilty of indulging in this activity in your spare time. If you’re planning to dismiss the whole idea of you being a creepy person who stalks others on social networking platforms as baseless paranoia, you may very well be closing your eyes to the truth. Want to find out if you’re truly guilty of being a Facebook Stalker? Just ask yourself if you’re doing any of these things. If any three signs apply to you, consider yourself guilty.

1. You haunt down every new person you meet

You find yourself succumbing to the temptation of immediately checking out the entire Facebook profile of every new person you meet on your way to office, in gym, during morning walk, in a restaurant etc. just out of curiosity.

2. You know what are your friends doing before they even tell you

Your friend called to tell you about the new car he bought or that beautiful girl he met in the club last night, and guess what? You already knew about it. This happens all the time. Your friends call you or come to you with excitement to share their so-called big news with you, and you are like, “dude I already knew it.”

3. You have to pretend in front of them that you do not know anything

The worst thing is that you have to pretend you were unaware about what’s going on in others’ lives even though you’re fully aware of everything, thanks to your ‘casual’ visit to their profile last night, or maybe a few minutes ago. It is like you have become an expert in acting. After all, you do not want to give them an impression that you stalk them.

4. You can’t forget all those parties and hangouts where your were not invited

The sad thing is that despite all your efforts, you are not able to forget all those great events you missed just because your friends didn’t invite you, thinking that you will never know about them. Well, what they do not know is that you have your eyes on their Facebook Timeline, especially images.

5. You know everything about people your friends are dating

You know why your friend’s new partner left her ex, when and how she met your friend, how long have they been dating, which places they visited etc. In fact, you are quite happy after looking at her profile because you came across the profile of her beautiful sister or cute brother who is still single.

6. You do not go to sleep without seeing your ex’s profile

Last night you were trying hard to sleep, but couldn’t, and then suddenly you realized that you hadn’t seen the profile of your ex. It’s like an addiction. You cannot go to sleep until you have checked the profile of your ex and made sure she or he hasn’t found anyone new to take your place.

7. Your Friends call you Wikipedia because you know everything always

You know where your friends went this year on holidays, what your ex did last week, what your friends are planning to do, who is that cute new person who recently joined class, where your friends are working, which colleges they visited, and much more. It is something you should be proud of. After all, not everyone has the stamina and caliber to stalk their friends up to this extent.

8. You know who is not in a relationship anymore

Well, nothing is a secret for you as your brilliant mind hardly takes a minute to know who broke up with whom, and when this happened just by checking the profile of people. If a person removes the old images of his or her partner and do not add any new one, and suddenly stop commenting on the partner’s wall, then you know that something’s up in their love life. Probe a little further and you’ll even find more answers to quench your thirst for knowledge.

9. You spend most of your nights stalking others

You do not need to go out and spend money on getting entertainment and having fun when you can have it at home, which is why you lay down on that comfortable sofa of yours and start checking the profile of every person one you know, or they know, one by one.

10. You have created a fake Facebook page to stalk

Your original profile has been blocked? No problem. You have another, a handful of other profiles to check out the profile of people who’ve tried to blind you and create hurdles in your way to seeking knowledge.

If you’ve just realized that you are indeed a serial Facebook stalker, then you really need to sit down and ask yourself if this is something that you want to keep on doing. It would be better for you to cut down on this addiction and stay away from Facebook for a while because, well, stalkers are creepy!


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