3 Ways Life Insurance Is Better for Techies

Techies have a shot at getting every hidden advantage there is, thanks to their ability to scour the deepest corners of Internet obscurity to find the data (and great deals) they’re looking for. It should be no surprise, then, that this group of early-adopting pioneers has unlocked a number of ways to make life insurance easier to find and better to buy.

So how have they done it, and how will it continue to happen? You can see the phenomenon in the process of shopping for life insurance online. Here are three ways life insurance has become a better bargain for techies (as well as everyone else who follows in their footsteps).

1. Ratings of individual agents and life insurance agencies

First off, we have to recognize that there are a lot of bad companies and inexperienced people giving advice that’s poor at best, and completely wrong in the worst-case scenarios. Before the Internet entered our lives, and tech-inspired review sharing sites such Yelp and Google Reviews came online, we had to rely on offline word of mouth and our personal community to inform us of the places and people to stay away from.

Often, we only learned about the worst offenders in the newspaper, after they had victimized others and landed in court.

But that’s all changed now, thanks in part to the way techies have spread the word in online review sites and comparison pages that a majority of us depend on these days in order to save time and money.

2. Peer evaluations

Techie people are notoriously connected to one another online, and as a result of this less-intense form of communication, they’ll often share what they know to their social networks. That means their hard research work (often read and shared by their equally innovative friends) will spread among the millions of people who use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

Social media isn’t just cute kittens and puppies anymore. You can actually help each other save money.

3. Knowing which sites actually compare the right data for you

It take a techie personality to read the fine print sometimes. After enough frustration, innovators will create the resources they wish existed.

The insurance industry is no different: After decades of not being able to compare the market for life insurance, techie companies have built powerful (but simple and fast) comparison sites that empower all of us to the view the best prices and providers for life insurance.



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