3 Ways to Tell If Your Realtor Is Technologically Hip

When it comes to buying, selling or leasing a piece of real estate, there’s no avoiding the online world now. Nearly every step in the process has shifted online, and for almost everyone involved, that’s a good thing. But how do you know if your agent is hip with the technologies that will help?

The technologies and tips are always evolving, of course, but in today’s world of house and apartment hunting, here are key things to look for online regarding the adviser you’re considering.

1. Social network presences

At a minimum, your real estate agent should have a LinkedIn page. And on that page, you’ll be able to see their background, training and years of professional experience. There are hundreds of thousands of real estate agents, so it’s possible that you may have a newer agent with less experience. That may not be a bad thing, as long as you can ensure that the person you hire has a great education and professional background. LinkedIn and other social networks can help you check for that.

2. Social network marketing

If you’re selling a property, you will absolutely want your agent to be yelling about it from the mountaintops. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are good places to check for hipness here. If the agent is trying to engage with buyers and sellers, and occasionally promote listings to the public, that’s exactly what you want.

3. Understanding of neighborhoods

A great place to check for an agent’s understanding of neighborhoods is their website. Is there a page that has info about the area you wish to live in? Does the agent seem to have a good command of the knowledge here?

A great indication can be how they talk about neighborhoods. For instance, a true local and knowledgeable agent would know that certain areas should be clustered together, like the Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City. You can often tell by these simple clues in a seasoned agent’s vernacular, whether that person is truly the local expert they claim to be!

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