3D-Printed Legs Allows Vincent the Cat to Walk on All Fours

3D-Printed Legs Allows Disabled Cat to Finally Walk on Four Paws

This experiment has certainly opened doors for other animals and humans who are suffering from disabilities.

A cat named Vincent was born without rear legs, which of course meant a whole world of problem for the kitten. However, a family took the cat in and has been taking care of him even with his disabilities.

Instead of giving up on Vincent, the family took him to Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh at Iowa State University. Initially, Dr. Bergh had no idea how to deal with Vincent’s problem, but then she started working with Biomedtrix which helped in building ‘extruded titanium-alloy legs’ that are now embedded directly into the cat’s bones. The legs were created using 3D modeling and printing.

3 year old Vincent is now doing quite well and Dr. Bergh sheds light on how this experiment opens the door for the future of implants.

“I think this does open the door for us to be able to help other animals that have similar problems, and even what we’ve learned just through Vincent’s one case, we’ve actually refined the technique and the implants, so the next cases we do moving forward will be even more successful.”

3D printers might not have been getting a lot of attention before, but after this experiment, people’s interest in them would certainly increase. It will also be interesting to see how Vincent’s case helps other animals and humans out there who are also suffering from different disabilities.


Image Courtesy: engadget.com