4 Tools to Master as an IT Professional

Whether you are entering the field of hardware development or venturing into advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, life as an IT professional will be exciting. There is a huge market demand for qualified IT professionals with different backgrounds. Even small businesses rely on information technology for more efficient workflows and improved capabilities.

That increase in demand is met by an increase in supply. More people are studying different fields of information technology, hoping to capitalize on market growth and increase in demand by the time they are ready to enter the market. Things are about to get more competitive. Some preparations are in order.

Aside from improving your hard and soft skills, there are some basics to cover. Knowing how to use some basic tools will help you perform better as an IT professional. We are going to review the four top tools to master in this article.

Note-Taking Apps

One of the first things you want to master before entering professional life is note-taking. It is an invaluable skill that will help you perform better as part of a team or an organization. The better you are at writing down important information, the more efficient you will be in the long run.

Fortunately, you have technology on your side. Tablets like the 2018 Apple iPad Pro allow for better and more effective note-taking. You can use the 2nd generation Apple Pencil to capture your ideas; there are even products like Paperlike, designed specifically to make writing on a tablet feel like writing on paper.

Apps like Notability and Microsoft OneNote are very useful, but you can take your note-taking prowess to a whole new level using Evernote. It is cross-platform and feature-packed, so you know you can capture a lot of ideas with this service.

Project Management

Project management is the next thing to tackle before entering professional life. As a skill, project management allows you to quickly become a leader in the organization. Since most IT-related tasks are now seen as projects to complete, good project management is indispensable as a skill.

There are plenty of tools to use too. Kanbanize, the best Kanban project management software right now, is a must-master in today’s competitive market. The web application transforms the simple nature of the Kanban system and elevates it to create a capable project management platform. There is no IT project that you cannot manage with this tool.

You will also come across tools like Quip, which are mainly used to manage documents in projects. A lot of agile teams use similar tools to manage their projects, so be prepared to adapt to the workflows used by the organization you are entering.

Text (Code) Editors

I have to admit; I’m a bit biased when it comes to text or code editors. Almost every IT professional I know has their preference too, so it is okay to find your own preferred text editor for work. I highly recommend giving Coda 2 a try if you are in Apple’s ecosystem.

Coda comes with everything you would expect from a capable code editor. For starters, it is light and fluid – much better than Adobe Dreamweaver – so you can write code comfortably without worrying about stutters and performance issues. It has a built-in FTP and Git client for easy access to codes in the cloud. On top of that, there is a powerful syntax highlighter.

Coda is made even better with the right plugins. A quick review of the app’s website and you will be able to decide the best plugins to use even before giving the app a try; that’s how powerful Coda is. There is an iOS version for those who want to code on the go.

Time Tracker

Many developers think of time tracking as a waste of, well, time. In fact, many of them hate time trackers, simply because they (appear to) make life more difficult. In reality, however, time tracking app – can make development projects more manageable.

Rather than seeing the development project as one huge task, tools allows for the project to be divided into smaller chunks. You can then use the same tool to allocate time and be more meticulous with your schedules. You can even tie the use of time tracking with self-rewards and development milestones.

7Pace, in particular, makes time tracking less daunting. You get reminders and a visual view of your project structure, but you don’t get that sense of running out of time all the time because your time is being tracked. It certainly beats having project managers breathing down your neck.

That’s it! these are the four must-have tools for those who want to be an IT professional. Master these tools and you will achieve success in this field sooner than you anticipate. With these tools, you already have what it takes to perform brilliantly in your professional capacity.