Best Android Apps for Lawyers

5 Absolutely Must-Have Android Apps for Lawyers

In this day and age where every profession has a set of apps dedicated to it, it would have been unfair if lawyers didn’t get apps of their own. If you just search about lawyer apps on the official Android store, you’ll get plenty of results and then finding one that fits your needs will get a whole lot harder. To save you from this confusion and a tedious hunt for apps that are actually useful, we have come up with this article that will shed light on five of the best Android apps for lawyers.

Law Dictionary/Guide

It’s difficult to keep track of a large number of books when you are lawyer. This is where Law Dictionary/Guide comes in handy as it contains more than 14000 definitions along with much needed abbreviations. Moreover, it contains multiple FAQs along with 300 plus articles that will help you gain an even better insight into your profession. Also, there are legal advice forums and case reviews available that will answer any query you might have in an instant.


This is another great app for the lawyers. It contains a large library of cases that have been undertaken in USA along with their current statuses. By going through these cases, you will be able to gain even more knowledge about how the law works. The search feature of Fastcase is incredibly proficient and works at a pretty decent pace. It will show you the most recent results first and then you can dig deeper if you want to view more results. When you find what you are looking for, just save it so that you can access it easily the next time you are in need of it.


This app does exactly what the name says. It allows attorneys to manage their cases remotely. For example, if a lawyer wants to do some tweaks in the case files, he can do so with the help of this app and when he/she accesses his/her computer, all the information that was changed would automatically get synced. This means that the lawyers in court can make changes according to the proceedings and all that changed data will automatically sync up on all devices with the help of this app. It’s certainly a must-have app that lawyers must get for their Android.


Dropbox has been rising in ranks incredibly fast due to its free file sharing system. By using Dropbox, you can move/share all kinds of files including photos, videos, documents etc. You can then access Dropbox from any device you have got, and the data will be there. You will neither be bound to your PC, nor would you need to transfer your data every single time from mobile phone. If you are a lawyer or are planning to be one, then be sure to have Dropbox installed on all of your devices.


Lawyers have to sign multiple documents every single day but the problem is, they can’t be physically present everywhere. To counter this problem, a new app called CudaSign (previously known as SignNow) was created that allows users to sign on any document through their digital devices. This not only make the lawyers’ life a lot easier, but also comes in handy for the clients as they won’t have to make regular appointments with lawyers just to get a single piece of paper signed. In short, it’s an excellent Android app for lawyers.

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