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5 Biggest Risks of Using Free VPN for Android

A lot of people crave privacy and anonymity and to get these two, they seek help from free VPN for Android. They think that as soon as this tool is activated, all of their internet activity will be hidden from the prying eyes. However, this is not how things work especially in the case of free VPN. There’s a famous saying “you get what you pay for” and if you’re not paying anything, you can’t really expect spectacular results.

Promised Privacy is Absent

If VPNs were only catering to one person, then their few servers and lack of bandwidth wouldn’t be much of an issue. However, that almost never happens because almost every free VPN has at least hundreds of users and all of them have to use the same bandwidth and servers which costs a lot of money. If you’re not paying the money to the VPN, then they’re surely cutting corners and are not providing you with privacy that you actually need. A completely free VPN simply cannot exist because of the high costs. They have to maintain servers, and then there are operational and staffing expenses. So, if you are offered free VPN services and you expect that your IP and location will stay hidden, then you’re wrong.

Cyber Criminals

When using free VPN services, you pretty much expose yourself to cyber criminals. These VPNs offer very limited servers and you have to make use of them because there isn’t any other option. When hundreds of people are at the same server, then it is pretty easy to guess that all of them are using the same VPN. This makes the job of hackers a whole lot easier as they just have to crack that particular server and they will have information about each and everyone present on it.

Encryptions are Absent

Another cost that you have to pay for going with free VPN is the absence of encryptions. No amount is spent on updating the encryptions which means that all your web traffic is visible for the prying eyes.

Malicious Content

Some of the free VPNs do more harm than good. As established above, absolutely no cost is spent on their maintenance which means they are open to the hackers who can easily sneak in their malware through them. As soon as you switch servers using VPN with no security, hackers will capitalize on that and will try their best to sneak in malware into your device.

Information Sellers

There are some people who have released a free VPN app on the Play Store, but as soon as you activate them, your information is stored and then it’s sold to the hackers. One VPN in particular named Hola has been getting quite a bad rep because of it. People behind this VPN actually sold private information of their users to the highest bidders, allowing them to induce malicious content with ease.

To sum up the discussion we can say that VPN for Android are not as safe as they are made out to be, especially the free ones. You have to realize that nothing in this world is free, and if you think that you’ll get privacy and anonymity without paying anything, then you’re wrong. So save yourself the trouble and only seek help from the VPNs that are trusted and offer paid plans.

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