5 Chrome Extensions to take screenshot of any webpage

Are you tired of using Print Screen from your keyboard and editing your screenshot’s using Paint or Photoshop or any other photo editing application ? Are you in need of a much simpler way to take screenshot’s of your web pages and share it with your friends instantly ?  Then you are at right place. In this post I will show you how you can take screenshot of webpage using your chrome browser much simpler than you might have thought using Chrome screenshot Extensions.

You can find many Extensions for taking screenshot’s in Chrome web store. But I am going to share with you 5 of my favorite chrome Extensions to take screenshot’s.

1) Awesome Screenshots

 This is my favorite Extension as it is simple to use and easy to share. Unlike other extensions its user interface is also very good and I just love using it. Especially to share bug reports, or design screenshots , etc. Using this Extension you can capture a portion of the webpage that you select or the entire page. This screenshot Extension also has build in photo editing tools in order to make your editing much easier. After all the changes that you make you can either save your screenshot on your computer or you can share the link of the screenshot with your friends using any of the social networks.

2) Screen Capture (by Google)

An extension with similar function as Awesome screenshot and is easier to use.  It easily captures the PNG image of your webpage or part of the page and edit the page before you saves it to PNG image. Other features include adding of texts ,Highlighting and redacting. The capturing is super fast and it Intelligently detect floating objects on a page and avoid repeating capture of the same floating objects if whole page capture requires scrolling . It Works well on Windows, Mac and  Linux .

3) Webpage Screenshot

Fast and a Simple solution to save and share your webpage screenshot’s and also provides with facilities like Print & Edit screenshots of any webpage.  it also consist of a drawing tools to edit the captured image in an instant without bothering about editing the image in a photo editor like Photoshop and the captured image can be saved into PNG or a JPG file.It  Can also capture horizontal websites and the image can easily be shared with social networks like facebook , twitter , etc.

4) Picnik Extension for Chrome

The Picnik Extension for Chrome is another solution for taking your screenshots of webpages online .With just a click you can easily make a snapshot of your current webpage and open it in Picnik for easy editing, annotation and sharing.  Picnik is a powerful online photo editing tool and using this extension your editing works are much more better with great finishing as you like. You can share the screenshot to your favorite social network after you complete your editing in picnik.

5) Explain and Send Screenshots

It functions just like other Screenshot extensions mentioned above and has a simple and easily understandable User-Interface. With a editor supporting arrows , lines , circles to be used for simple works , It also have features like erase or delete certain selections of the screenshots and you can even annotate the snapshot by placing the texts at right place on the image.

You can easily find many other useful chrome extensions for taking screenshot’s in the Chrome Webstore. By using these extension not only helps you for taking screenshot for creating tutorials for your website , but also it makes your web experience faster and useful. Using any one of this extensions is a must in every chrome browser as by my experience I use it a lot. 🙂

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