5 Incredible Gmail Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Gmail has definitely made life a lot more convenient for the professionals. With a wide variety of features, it seeks to serve users in every way possible. What’s really surprising is that although people have been using the service for years, there are still unaware of many of its amazing features. Here are 5 of the incredible Gmail features that you probably didn’t know about.

1. Writing Prescheduled Mails

If you want to send someone a mail but now is not the good time, then you can use Right Inbox or Boomerang. These are browser extensions that allow Gmail users to schedule emails by letting them decide the time after which the mail should be sent. You can schedule up to 10 emails a month free of cost.

2. Checking Readability of Sent Mails

Just how many times have we heard someone say “Sorry, I didn’t read your mail”? Now, you can put an end to this excuse by using Banninating Email Tracking, Intelliverse Email Tracker or Sidekick. These are Chrome extensions that let you know if the mail you sent was opened by the receiver or not. In addition to that, you can know how many times the mail was opened and where the receiver opened the mail and from which device. Unfortunately, all these apps charge money after tracking a certain number of emails for free.

3. Creating Self-Destruct Mails

If you are sharing your personal information with any person and you do not want him to save that mail, then you can try Dmail, a Chrome extension. It self-destructs the mail after a given time period. You can set the time period as per your liking. All the emails sent through Dmail will be encrypted, so the receiver won’t be able to read them after a certain time.

4. Getting Notified Of Received Mails through Call or Text

If you hate checking your inbox after even 5 minutes just to make sure you do not miss an important mail, then you must try AwayFind. It is a service that sends a notification via a call or text message every time you receive a mail from a certain email address just to ensure that you read and reply to important mails right away.

5. Creating Mails for Later Use

If you have to send a same mail to more than one person over and over again, probably a birthday invitation or a thank you mail, then you can use this interesting feature. Go to Gmail settings and then Lab to enable the canned responses. Now, compose generic emails for different purposes and save them as canned responses. This will save your time on composing the same mail again and again. This feature is especially useful for professionals who have to send the same mail to employees off and on.

Google keeps on updating existing features and adding new features to Gmail. If you want to stay updated on the interesting and latest Gmail features, then keep visiting Gmail Lab.


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