5 Major Lollipop Concerns that Marshmallow Would hopefully Fix

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is expected to arrive any day now, making this a perfect time to indulge in a discussion on what we hope it brings to the table, or more importantly, what it does away with. Lollipop and its subsequent updates brought a lot of new features, changes, and improvements along with it, enhancing the overall experience of the users by quite some margin. However, just like most of the updates nowadays, it was plagued by some problems that are still present on some of the devices even to this day. Let’s take a look at the problems that we hope Google would address and resolve with the Marshmallow release.

Video Playback

After upgrading to Lollipop, some users have been unable to use video playback altogether. This of course is a huge problem as videos are now a part of our daily lives. Soon after the update, forums were filled with complains of people who were really angry about the problem. Some users managed to find a workaround to the issue and their devices started to work fine, but there still are a number of users who are facing this problem. They would be hoping that Google will take care of this issue when the upcoming Marshmallow update finally lands.


This is another major concern that has been present since the arrival of Lollipop update. Even when performing mundane tasks, the phone starts to stutter for no reason. This obviously annoys the users as they aren’t even able to message or call their friends. Just like video playback, this problem has been very well-documented on the web as people expressed their disappointment upon the update, complaining that it has ruined their Android experience. Some workarounds and fixes for this issue were provided, but an official fix was never released. Hopefully, this problem will also be taken care of in the next update.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

The reason many people go for smartphones is internet connectivity. However, Lollipop began to deprive many people of this attraction upon its release. People were unable to connect to Wi-Fi and even when they did manage to form a connection, it started to disconnect for no apparent reason. This issue was a serious one and forced a lot of users to switch back to KitKat version where at least they could use their internet. This problem has been resolved for a lot of users, but there still are some users who face it from time to time. The upcoming Marshmallow update will hopefully get rid of this concern altogether.


There’s nothing worse in a phone than random crashes. This became a regular thing for the users of Android devices after the release of Lollipop and was a hot topic of discussion in the forums. The device just crashed out of nowhere. This frustrated a lot of users and rightly so. The worst part was that there was no fix for the issue, which is why people had to reset their phones completely and upgrade it once again to the KitKat version. This problem still persists for a large community and they would be hoping against hope that the Marshmallow update will fix it.

Battery Issues

Battery is already pretty low in the latest smartphones to begin, with but Lollipop made the problem even worse. The drainage of battery started to happen at a fast pace even when the users weren’t doing too much on their phones. This issue wasn’t as widespread as the others, but it was present nonetheless. Hopefully Google is looking to resolve this issue with the upcoming Android version as well.

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