5 Proven Ways To Increase Your Adsense Earnings

Are you earning too low from your website even after having a great amount of visitors to your site daily ? Want to earn more from your adsense ? If so , then you are at right place.  There are lots of site owners who are struggling daily to earn some great money through adsense while there are other sets of webmasters and site owners who are earning tons of cash from their adsense account. Want to know how they earn money using some of their tricks to get all out of their adsense account? So in this post i will be telling you 5 proven ways to increase your Adsense Earnings.

Here are 5 tips to increase your adsense earnings in order to get the maximum earning out of your site:

1. Which Format in Adsence ad to choose

The Format  which I found to give me most eCPM is the Large Rectangle (336X280) text Ads in the top of your wordpress blog. This same format has the highest result in CTR or click through rate . The main reason for this is that this text ad unit looks like a normal web link and as people are more used to clicking Links , most of them end up clicking these 336×280 text ads and most of the times  people do not realize that they are clicking on Ads and might end up giving us a click thinking it to be a normal link. And as long as you earn clicks from this Format optimisation you will earn more.

2. Creating the Right Custom Palette for your ads

While choosing your custom palette for your adsense unit always see that the background color of your ad unit that’s best suited with the background of your site.  For example, if your site has white background then make an ad unit having white background and white border and also see that the font of the texts of adsense unit matches the font of your sites content font.  The reason for making such customization is to make sure that the third party who visits your site think that the ad unit is a part of your website and thus end up clicking in those ads.  Sounds simple and logical doesn’t it.

3. Choosing the right place to add your adsence ads

Never try to hide your Adsense ads in some place where the visitors find it difficult to view the ads , such as putting the ads at the bottom of your site, this wont bring you any earning as the CTR of ads at the bottom is the lowest. Always ad the ads at a place from where people can easily see them quickly such as at the top of the home page or the beginning of your post or as a banner Ad at the header section.

Another one is alignment of your ads to left or right. Well ,I have found experimentally that the ads which are placed at the left side of your post can earn you the highest eCPM rate than that which is placed at the right side. And the most shocking fact is the difference of  earning varies of about 4 times between both. Looks Awesome doesn’t it ! well , not just that you will be amazed that how difference positioning of ads can do to your earning. You can even refer Google’s suggestion for high CTR regions in a site.

4. Choosing Between Text or Image ads

Its always a great doubt among us whether to choose text ads or an image ads for your site. Well ,I was researching on this for the past few weeks and found out some of the facts that i would like to share with you.  First of all, about text ads , it  can earn you more money if you place it in between your contents , this is due to accidental clicks by visitors thinking a part of the sites link. And apart from clicks the eCPM of text ads are also high compared to image ads ,ie, per click your earning is more compared to image in case of text ads. About the image ads , this ads are more suited for Sidebar and top banner as it will make the site look more neat and beautiful if placed in these places. But still the eCPM of text ads at these places are more. So its always better to chooses text ads if you are really interested in earning more.

5. Use  SSI to insert your adsence code to all your webpages automatically

For this , first of all you need to make sure that your host supports SSI ( server side includes) or not. With the help of Server Side Includes (SSI), you can include dynamic content into a static web pages in such a way that the content is written into the web page’s source code before being delivered to the visitor, This tip is a time saver especially for those who are using automatic page generators to generate pages on their website. How to add Adsense code into your webpage using SSI? Just save your Adsense code in a text file, save it as “adsense text” and then upload it to the root directory of your web server. Then by using SSI, call the code on the other pages.

There are some other tips to earn more from your adsense account. If you can work out these steps correctly to monetize your site then I am sure you can get the results as sooner.  placing the ads at right place and choosing the right set of ads to your site is also important. You can even add ad filters which will block low paid advertisers ads to be showed in your site.

Another, trick to earn more that I found is that Google pays more on the clicks made from the visitors suggested by google itself , ie , the people who come to our site from google search. So if we can make an advertisement management system like showing adsense ads to people referred by google and showing other adds like bitadvertiser for other traffic , we can make tons of money using multiple ad networks.

Tips like this can boost your earnings really fast. If these have worked for other successful webmasters who earn thousands of dollars daily then why not work in yours. Give it a try. 🙂

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