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5 Reasons Why You Should Deactivate your Facebook Account

Right now deactivating Facebook account may seem to be unthinkable for you, but it can prove to be a good thing for you in the longer run. This is especially recommended if you’re going through depression, a period of poor health, broken heart, unemployment and much more. Still not convinced? Here are a few dangers of Facebook that might convince you to say farewell to the social networking website, at least for a while.

1. It has become an Addiction

Facebook has taken the form of an addiction and to be honest, this addiction is much more dangerous than any other addiction as it affect all aspects of your life, from your health and career to your personal life and overall well-being. It’s like we are in a constant race with everyone else in our friend list to grow our friends list, get likes and comments, etc.

2. It is officially a Productivity Killer

Companies have started using digital surveillance tools to monitor their employees because the latter appear to be bent upon wasting their time on the web, especially social networking sites, hurting productivity in the process. If your supervisor is not happy with your work, or your boss is constantly asking you to improve your performance, then it is certainly the right time to quit Facebook, as it is a major reason behind poor performance. Do what’s necessary before you end up losing your job.

3. It is linked to Depression

Majority of the people only share positive things about their life on Facebook, as no one wants to look a loser among the growing family of 1.28 billion Facebook users. People who frequently use Facebook compare their life with that of others, which gives them a feeling that they are not as successful and happy as their friends and social circle. These feelings alone are enough to cause depression. Being on Facebook is like being in a 5KM race; everyone is trying hard to reach the bottom line first. Luckily, you can get out of this highly tiring game by quitting Facebook as you do not need to compare your life with anyone else. Try to remain happy with what you have, and this is only possible if you stay away from the Timelines and pictures of other people.

4. It is a threat to your Privacy

Sharing your contact details, your spouse’s name, your intimate moments, your holiday activities, your job achievements, your personal moments, your kid’s pictures, your office details, or in other words, your entire life on Facebook is never a good idea. Sharing your private information with public or thousands of friends may not be a big deal for you, but it is not safe, especially in this digital world where threats like cyber criminals are rampant.

5. It is poisoning your relationships

There was a time when couples used to go out on long walks in the evenings and parents used to take kids to nearby parks to get rid of negative energy and job stress. Facebook has brought these leisure walks and trips to an end. In today’s digital age, everyone is talking to a person hundreds of miles away from him/her without knowing the fact that the person next to him needs his help. Family time is now replaced with Facebook time. We are adding more friends but losing close relations.

If you are still not mentally ready to fully quit it, then it is a sign that you have already become addicted to it. Try to quit Facebook or at least decrease the Facebook usage time before it’s too late.

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