malware infestation on android

5 Signs Your Android Device is Infected with Malware

Malware has become a huge issue these days and the main reason behind it is the excessive usage of internet. Hackers hide Android malware on the web quite efficiently and users download them into their Android devices unknowingly. As soon as they find their way in, they give all of the device’s control to the hackers. They are then free to do whatever it is they want. They can get access to all of your pictures and videos or they can get their hands on your personal information. This, of course, is very dangerous, but the problem is, there’s just no way can you really know your device is infected with malware unless you are really looking for it. There are some signs that can be quite helpful but people usually ignore them. However, you don’t have to be like them. If you really want your device to be rid of all kinds of malware, then you should look for the following signs.

Battery Drains Faster

One of the biggest signs of malware presence in your phone is battery drainage at an extremely fast rate. You must have been using your phone for quite a while and you know how long it is supposed to last. However, if that time limit is not met anymore and your phone’s battery is draining way sooner that it is supposed to, then that’s almost a sure sign of malware presence in your device. Malware needs the power to run no matter how much hidden it is, and it gains that power from the battery. This is the main reason battery drainage happens at such a fast speed.

Fishy Disruptions During Call

Malware interferes with your calls in different ways but most common of them is a disruption. You will start to hear weird voices during your calls and this will happen on almost every call you make or receive. On some occasions, your call would just keep on dropping for no apparent reason. If any of this is happening to you, then you better get your smartphone checked out.

Increase in Phone Bill

Phone bills are usually pre-determined and the variations each month aren’t too worrisome. However, if you are seeing a large spike on your bill and the company is saying that the usage is on your end, then that’s another huge sign of malware presence. This means that not only your device is in big trouble, but you are also losing extra money through bill payments.

Disappearing Data Plan

As a user of data plans, you must have a pretty good idea about the amount of data you consume every day. However, if the data usage has seen a huge spike lately, then that’s another big sign of malware presence. You need to get your device checked out before any serious damage is done.

Affected Performance

If the performance of your device has taken a major hit and you are experiencing lag and crashes all the time, then that’s also a sign of malware existence. Affected performance can mean a lot of things, but in malware’s case, it’s pretty simple. Malware like this destroys all essential files that are required by your smartphone to function correctly. This causes your device to crash on even the simplest commands. If you don’t do something about it sooner, then you and your device would be in a whole world of trouble.