5 Technologies That Transformed Warfare

War is a bitter reality, one that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. As the seemingly never-ending pursuit of strategic gains, increased global influence, and immaculate defense continues, technology is surfacing as an integral and pivotal factor in the dynamic and intense setting. The amount of focus on research and development therefore hardly comes as a surprise. Due to involvement of technology in war, warfare itself is undergoing evolution, for better or for worse. While there are many offspring of science that contributed to this evolution, there are 5 technologies that deserve to be discussed and admired. So without further ado, let’s get down to it.


You must have surely heard about drones. It’s an incredible machine that can operate without needing a pilot. Due to this reason, drones are used worldwide to carry out strikes which would have been pretty difficult to do if there was a pilot at helm. Saving lives is a priority in every war and these drones allow nations to do just that. This is why drones are a growing technology and nations are coming up with different ways of utilizing their advantages.


Even in the modern day, airplane crashes can occur due to a little bit of carelessness of a pilot. This is where Fly-by-Wire technology comes in handy as it can automatically take control of some functions of an airplane. Its computer guidance system has been working wonders as it keeps the plane stable without needing any manual input.


Nothing revolutionized naval warfare as much as the submarines. They literally changed everything. These underwater vessels that are capable of doing a ton of damage to enemy ships and harbors were put to test for the first time during the American Civil War. The war lasted for four years (1861 to 1865) and in 1864, Confederate submarine CSS H.L. Hunley sank the USS Housatonic in the South Carolina. Since then, submarines have taken a lot of different shapes and have been used in different wars. It’s a great tech to have for a country as it gives them an edge over those who don’t.

Tomahawk Missiles

Tomahawk missiles are another example of how warfare urged nations to come up with new technologies. It’s a long range cruise missile that has the ability to fly at low altitude at an amazing speed. It can be used by ships to strike any surface-based area. The chances of a miss are close to non-existent because these missiles come with a GPS receiver which is used to pinpoint the target’s location more accurately.

Stealth Aircraft

The most recent example of the advancement in tech has to be the stealth aircrafts. Radars are now active in almost every country, which means that nothing goes unnoticed. However, it’s a completely different situation with stealth aircrafts as they hide themselves from radars to some extent. It’s an amazing tech for a country that is looking to perform a quick operation. Stealth technology makes it really hard for enemies to detect the aircraft, which means that they’ll be needing time to find it, track it, and then defend against it. This gives a lot of time to the attacking party as they can get done with their operation in the meantime. As of now US has three types of stealth aircrafts – F-35 Lightning, F-22 Raptor, and B-2 Spirit.