5 Things a Serial Facebook Stalker Should Never Do

You may have a lot of confidence in your Facebook stalking abilities, but the moment you let this confidence turn into overconfidence, that’s where you set yourself up for trouble. As soon as people get a gist of what you’ve been up to, they’re likely to make you pay for it by either ridiculing you publically, or completely cutting off contact from you. Facebook stalking may be your passion or time pass, but it’s something most people don’t approve of. If you cannot control the temptation to stalk people, then at least decrease the risk of getting busted by avoiding these 5 common mistakes.

1. Use a Company or Public Computer to Stalk

Using a company or public computer for stalking purposes is a huge blunder as it increases your chances of getting busted. Stalking is not an activity you should be proud of, at least not in the public, so avoid doing it in a public place, otherwise people will get a negative image about you. Also, you will end up losing your competitive advantage due to information gained through your sneakiness.

2. Confess about the Stalking Addiction

Never confess about your stalking addiction, not even to your close friend or partner, because chances are they will take you to a psychiatrist and will make you think that you are mentally sick, which you surely are not. Don’t expect the world to understand your insatiable thirst for knowledge. You will get nothing but a strong backlash from sharing your secret with others.

3. Share the Source

There is no need of flaunting your stalking habit. Keep the information you gather through stalking to yourself instead of telling everyone that you checked their Facebook account. Your knowledge is your strength and sharing the source of your knowledge will let others to block you as they might find you creepy. It will also make you vulnerable to double-cross and betrayal. So, if anyone asks how you came to know about their wedding, death of their pet, etc., simply say that a mutual friend told you about it.

4. Use Original Account to Stalk

Using the original account to stalk is like doing a crime right in front of the police. Obviously you will get caught. Accidental clicks or taps are not uncommon, thus letting the target know you were on their profile. Timely mitigation of risk is better than facing awkwardness and having to give explanation following an accidental click or tap on the target’s profile.

5. Stalk a Family Member

Avoid stalking a family member as it’s just wrong. Even the stalkers fraternity has a code of ethics which label certain people as off limits, the family being right there at the top on the list. Move your sight scope in another direction before things become seriously awkward.

You really wouldn’t want to know if your sister is getting chummy with some guy, or if your brother is going into detail of the female anatomy with his friends. It’s best to avoid their profiles, lest you discover something awkward and lose your sleep over it.


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