how to improve Business Productivity

5 Ways to Improve Productivity in your Office

Ensuring people are working effectively and efficiently is essential in the modern business.  Not just so you can ensure that your company is profitable, but also because you have a duty of care to your employees to ensure they are being taken care of in terms of mental well being.  Here we look at some ways to make your company more productive.

Shared Mailbox Software

As an increasing amount of communications are done via email or other online platforms – a large portion of an employee’s day can be looking at these and responding to them.  If you have a large team, there is also the chance that a lot of time is spent tracing back previous conversations to get updates on what the status or situation is.  As such, shared inbox software for teams can be a great way to save time and improve productivity.  Shared inbox software such as Threads allows you to access all previous communications and integrate SMS, social media, phone calls and other methods of conversation in one place.

Regular Team Days

Team days are a great way to get your team out of the office and enjoying yourself.  You might think – how does them spending time away from their work improve the output?  The reality is – it will make them feel much more empowered and productive when they do go back to their desks.  Team days also have the added benefit of creating a good community spirit within your organisation and will make collaboration between departments much easier. If you are doing something that involves problem solving or working together – you also may encounter skills that you never knew employees had and use that to your company’s advantage.

Employee Perks

There are lots of different perks that you can reward your employees with.  Health insurance is a good one to go with and can be less expensive than you first envisaged.  This type of perk has a multi-purpose effect.  The likelihood is it will reduce the number of sick days your employees need to take as they will be properly taken care of, and that they will be back at work much quicker even if they do fall ill.  Most importantly, this will also make them feel valued as an employee.  Other perks you may want to consider could be life coaching, yoga, massages in the office.  Things to create a stress-free environment are best for productivity.

Regular Staff Appraisals

Keeping on top of who your team are progressing is critical to their productivity.  You should always schedule in regular staff appraisals where you can discuss their place within the organisation.  You may find that they have a particular skill or interest that you can capitalize on, or that you need to retrain them on a specific element of their job to boost their productivity.  These kinds of discovery days are critical.

If you are looking to boost moral and productivity within your office, make sure you think about implementing some of these ideas.