5 Windows 10 Apps You Simply Must Try

New to Windows 10 and looking for some apps to get you started? Worry not as we have got you covered. We have outlined five of the best Windows 10 apps available on Windows Store to help you get started.

1. Netflix

Most of the people have particularly busy routines and can’t follow TV shows day to day. For people facing this problem, there’s Netflix. It doesn’t really need any introduction as it has made quite a name for itself due to its huge collection and incredible service. This entertainment platform has only seen growth as more and more users are subscribing to it with each passing day. The best part is that it’s completely ad-free. You only have to pay for a subscription, and then you can watch each and every show that’s available in the collection.

2. Dropbox

If you’re not a fan of OneDrive, then worry not as there’s Dropbox. It’s another universal app which can contain almost all of your files on cloud, allowing them to be accessed anywhere. This is a helpful app for everyone as you never know when you’ll need to get your hands on some of the important files. The best part is that it’s free so if you’re looking for some cloud storage that will stay with you, then you cannot go wrong with Dropbox.

3. Flipboard

Going through all the news each day is quite a drag. You always need a personalized news feed which would only show the news that you’re interested in. Flipboard allows you to do just that. You can subscribe to your favorite categories, and then you will only receive updates on that specific subject on regular basis. The interface of Flipboard is beautifully designed as it enables you to navigate through all the news quite easily.

4. Microsoft Maps

Microsoft Maps is another universal app available for all Windows 10 devices. This app integrates Bing Maps and HERE Maps, allowing you to reach your location with ease. You will be given information regarding traffic, public transport, and turn-by-turn navigation. If you visit a certain location often, you can pin it to the start menu, and then access it anytime you want. Microsoft Maps allows you to share your favorite locations with everyone else via email.

5. Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos is a universal app that integrates pictures of all Windows 10 devices at one place. If you are planning to buy more than one Windows 10 related products, then Photos is the best option for you. However, if that’s not the case, you can still have Microsoft Photos installed on your PC as it allows you to organize, edit, and enhance your pictures with ease. The best part is that all of your edited pictures available in Photos can be shared via email without much of a hassle.


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