5 Windows 10 Features That Have Us Drooling

After a long wait, Windows 10 has finally been made available to a large number of users. It rectifies almost all the errors that Microsoft made with Windows 8, and it also includes a bunch of new features that will surely become fan favorites. There are some incredible new additions, but there are only a few that really stand out. We’ll be taking a detailed look at them in this article.

Start Menu

Microsoft, for some unknown reasons, thought that removing Start Menu was a good idea in Windows 8. However, that decision backfired in a big way and became one of the biggest reasons people switched back to Windows 7. Thankfully, Windows 10 rectifies this error as Start Menu makes a comeback and it’s better than ever. This new and fresh Start Menu gives you access to almost all major features available on Windows 10, which is a huge help for the newcomers. The best part about Start Menu is that it’s fully customizable. You can remove anything from anywhere and you can add anything you want.


Continuum is a new feature in Windows 10 that allows you to choose your interface. If you like mobile or Windows 8 style interface with tiles on your screen, you can choose it. If you don’t want that kind of interface, no worries, stick to the old format. This new feature is basically an integration of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Instead of choosing the interface for you, Microsoft has given you the option go with the one that suits you best.

Xbox One Streaming

This feature is particularly helpful for the Xbox One owners, as they will be able to stream Xbox One games on PC. Both devices have to be connected to the same network, and settings have to be aligned. After that you will be able to stream all of your Xbox One content on to your computer. This is helpful for people who only have one TV in their homes/apartments. When your family wants to watch TV, you can continue your gaming on your laptop or PC.


Cortana has arrived to help you in your computer and internet searches. This voice controlled virtual assistant would be particularly helpful for those people who are new to Windows 10 operating system as it will guide you through all the features. The functionality of Cortana is very much like Apple’s Siri as it answers all of your queries.

Edge Browser

You must have heard hundreds of jokes about Internet Explorer, and they were all pointing at how slow it was performing. At long last, Microsoft has brought a new Edge browser which is built from ground up and works really well. It contains almost all features that you expect from a modern day browser, plus it works really fast, unlike its predecessor. Edge is a great browser for the users who don’t want to install any third-party browsers on their operating system.