6 Best User friendly Form Management Plugin for WordPress

top 6 Best-Contact-form-plugin-for-wordpress

Forms may be of different types like contact forms, survey, poll, feedback forms etc., it is the basic thing that interact directly with the users. Creating and managing forms needs a little knowledge in coding, so as a wordpress user it is tough task to process forms, collect and store data’s.

If you search in wordpress plugin directory there are number of plugin available for form management, but most of them are too complex for a normal bloggers. Here I present you some user friendly form processing plugin that perfectly fits in all wordpress themes.

1. Formidable forms

Formidable-Forms wordpress plugin for form managementQuickly and easily build forms in wordpress blogs by just drag-and-drop interface; you no need any coding knowledge. Its drag-and-drop features make this plugin user friendly than other plugin, you can also construct custom forms or templates.

2. Fast Secure Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form for wordpress form managementIt automatically creates super secure customizable contact forms that let your visitors to contact you via email. It has Akismet and captacha integration to avoid spam mails. Some important features of this plugin are super easy admin panel, multi form feature, auto responder etc.

3. WordPress Forms

It allows you to create web forms quickly and intuitively and use them in your articles and pages. Quickly create forms in a single click, modify advanced options for each field, super clean interface etc., and make this plugin unique.

4. Google forms short code

You may aware of Google docs, a popular online document management service by Google. This plugin easily insert forms created by Google docs into pages and posts using short codes. This plugin is not advisable for novice bloggers, as it needs some coding knowledge.

5. Post form maker

post form maker wordpress plugin form management best topEasily create or host a pool or a vote contest in your blog using this tiny plugin. You can make forms with text, radio, select and check box items and the forms will automatically displayed at the bottom of the article you have chosen.

6. SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF)

Simple Modal Contact Form wordpress plugin best top

It is an Ajax powered modal contact form for wordpress blogs. It well utilizes the jQuery JavaScript’s library and jQuery Whenever user click on contact us link, a smooth popup contact form will appear on the screen asking them to provide required information.

Author bio – This is a guest post by Ron Davis. He is a freelance blogger and a passionate social media marketer, who is currently working on the site – Gravity forms discount.