6 Keyboards to Keep Your Computer Looking Stylish

Tired of your traditional keyboard? Need some excitement in your life? Here are six keyboards that can spice up your relationship between you and your computer.

1. Wooden MacBook Keyboard

Love the look of nature? Pimp out your MacBook with this retro look! Mother Nature makes your device sleeker! These thin, adhesive-backed wood pieces are designed to bring the beauty of cherry wood onto your keys. The assembly takes some nimble hands and patience, but the results are worth it. Give your MacBook the earthy look you’ve always wanted to make your hippie, treehuggin’ friends jealous.

2. Handcrafted Bamboo Keyboard

Is a wood decal not enough for you? Get the USB Bamboo Keyboard + Mouse combo then! These are completely handcrafted using natural bamboo and is compatible with all computers. This combo brings the beauty of nature to your fingertips. Whether you’re surfing the net or crankin’ out your last minute essay, you’ll surely feel the zen coming from your keyboard and mouse. This is another great way to say “Hey, Mother Nature, I appreciate you.” However, you may be making your computer devices vulnerable to a termite attack with this design upgrade (or downgrade).

3. Gold Keyboard Button

Maybe you don’t like the wood design at all. I can understand that. I’m a man of high-quality and class myself. That’s why I want to show you the gold keyboard button. That’s right. A singular keyboard button. Precisely, the “$” or “4” key. This is one of the most commonly used keyboard buttons when you’re telling your friends on Facebook how rich you are (or, if you’re like me, how desperately you need $$$). Give your keyboard a little bit of bling and self-esteem with this real golden key.

4. Wireless Wrist Keyboard

So you haven’t liked any of my suggestions so far? Well then, picky pants. Why don’t you try this arm guard on then? This piece comes with a fully functional wireless keyboard that makes you feel like a steampunk warrior. So when you’re running away from the clutches of evil, you can use this wrist keyboard to call forth your great steampunk robot for help. Robot not included.

5. Keyboard Organizer

Need something more practical? This keyboard helps you organize your desk! Instead of having clutter visible to everyone, use the storage areas this keyboard offers to hide your mess! You can hide all of your supplies and notes just by lifting up your keyboard and placing it in your storage compartment. This keyboard is even compatible with a variety of tablets! Make your workspace tidier with this bad boy!

6. Washable Keyboard

If you love pigging out at your computer, you probably don’t have a very clean keyboard. Go ahead, turn it upside down and see all the garbage that falls out of it. Gross, right? Makes you think twice about eating while you peruse the internet. However, this¬†washable keyboard¬†can wash your fears away! This is a waterproof keyboard that you can shake and beat as you wash all the filth away. So, don’t be afraid to leave that root beer next to your keyboard. If there’s an accident, you can just wash it up.


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