6 Security Gadgets to Protect Your Home

More of us than ever before have homes filled with gadgets. Of course, these wonderful devices give us a lot of pleasure but they are also extremely attractive to thieves. Recent research shows that mobile phones (stolen in 6% of home break ins), cameras (13%) and televisions (15%) are high up on the list of objects most stolen from UK homes. Do you thing your home is not secure enough? Are you looking for some security gadgets to protect your home?  In this article I will be showing you 6 cool Gadgets that keep your home security tight and help you protect your home from buglers , etc. If you want to keep on enjoying your gadgets without fear then what better way to protect them than with other gadgets like these?

Electronic Barking Dog

electronic barking dog home security

If you don’t have a real dog then for between £20 and about £70 you can buy an electronic version online. This device is actually even better than a real canine, as it sees through walls and objects in order to locate burglars using radar. Once it detects an intruder it will start barking angrily to scare them off. The only problem with this device is the relatively small area of protection it offers, meaning that it is suitable for a smaller property or those with only one point of entry.

A Fake TV

fake tv - home security

When a burglar is outside your home wondering whether to break in or not the light from your TV set is going to be crucial in his decision making. If he thinks that you are sitting there watching your favourite show then he is far less likely to run the risk of being caught. Even if you aren’t in you can still switch on this gadget, which makes it look as though the television is on. It should cost you up to £30 on the internet.

A Door Brace

security-door-brace-home security

This is an old fashioned sort of gadget but it could still come in handy. It is simply an extremely strong bar which is jammed against the door to stop anyone knocking it open. They can withstand an incredible amount of force and don’t cost much more than £20.

An Alarm Mat

wireless-door-mat-home security

A wireless doormat with an alarm in it will let you know whenever anyone steps on it. These cost about £20 and give a limited amount of protection but are good fun.

LCD Viewer


Do you remember the old days when homeowners used to try and peer through little peepholes in their doors to see who was outside?  Now you can do the same in a far more modern way by using an LCD peephole viewer. You will see whoever is out there clearly. It should cost you about £60 from an online store.

An Alarm App

an alarm app - home security

This is perhaps the best of the home security gadgets on offer right now and it is free. All you need to do is add a burglar alarm app to your smartphone or tablet and you can monitor the safety of your home from wherever you are. If you already have, for example, an ADT alarm then you can look up the appropriate app in the App Store of Android Market and have it up and running in no time.

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