6 Ways to Prepare Your Website for the Future

Your website is your company’s storefront on the Internet. When a customer first links to your site, he needs to know who you are and what you offer in just a quick glance before he scurries off to the next site on his list. To keep up with trending website designs, here are six ways to prepare your website for the future.

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Update Your Design

update your website design

Some simple updates on your website’s overall layout and design can do wonders for your business. Customers are looking for professional-looking websites to conduct their business these days, not cutesy, front-store displays.


Design Your Site for Multiple Devices

design your site for multiple designs

Make sure you link your website properly to be seen on all of the new wireless gadgets people are using, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Your website will be viewed differently on some of these devices than on a desktop computer. As you’re designing and updating your website, make sure you have an idea of how it will be seen across the multiple devices.

Make website More User Friendly


When customers log on to your site, they don’t just want to see your merchandise. They want to be able to browse around and get to know you and your company. Be sure when updating your website that you include user-friendly links to take them around your website so they can quickly find what they’re looking for.


Simple Sign-Up Process

simple signup process

If you’re going to include a sign-up gadget on your website for new customers to log in with, make it simple. Customers don’t want to spend a lot of time filling in information just to get a look at your online store and merchandise. A username and password should suffice until they’re ready to order products.


Easy Ordering

Speaking of ordering products, make sure your online order forms are simple to fill out. Add a shopping cart customers can fill with items until they’re ready to check out. This allows them to add an item they want to their cart while continuing to browse your site and shop for more products.

Easy Check Out

You need to make sure that your check-out process is easy on your customers, too. Make sure it’s set up for them to see what they’re buying and how much they are spending. They should be able to see the exact amount they’ll be paying, including any discounts they’ll receive, shipping costs, and taxes before they are asked to enter their payment information.


Multiple Payments Methods

Multiple Payments Methods

Make sure your website is set up to handle new payment methods customers can use from their tablets and smartphones, such as mobile credit card scanners. There are several other new ways for customers to make virtual payments and you’ll want your website to be set up and ready to process these types of payments.

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