7 Apps or Tools to Customize Your Facebook Timeline Cover Image

Its been quite a long time since Timeline came into existence. After the new Facebook timeline release there had been a serious revolution in the internet kingdom regarding some new Facebook timeline apps and profile cover photo’s services. Now you can easily find hundreds of website’s providing Cool Profile Cover Photo’s and it has now became one of the greatest trends in the Google search terms.

In our Previous post’s on Timeline covers we shared some around 15 cool Facebook timeline Cover designs that will blow your mind. Those were some of the creative works by individuals and were extensively stunning. But this time I am going to share you some Cool Facebook Apps or website’s from where you can Upload Awesome Timeline cover Photo’s easily without much of the Photoshop or design Knowledge.

These Site’s offer you more Advanced personalization and allows you to choose cover’s from a large cover list or even a photo collage from your own album.  So if you are not able to create your own Customized Facebook cover’s here are some Apps that can be helpful for you in this.

1. Coverbooth – Cool Collection of Facebook Timeline covers

get Cool facebook timeline Cover for your profile from Coverbooth.com

Coverbooth is one of our own projects which we launched on 20th January, 2011. In this Application we allow you to choose from a wide number of cover design’s which we found while searching on net and some of which we made our-self. We are adding around 30-40 new cover’s to this website daily to keep you engaged with this app and to let you choose a new cover from a list of 40 stunning profile cover’s daily. You can find stunning Cover’s from a wide list of categories here and we are adding more feature to this app soon in this coming week.

2. Pic Scatter : Facebook Cover App

Pic Scatter : generate cool facebook cover's from your photo album

Pic Scatter is one of the coolest services on Facebook cover generation. It lets you make a photo montage from any of your particular photo album or from the profile picture’s of your friends.  You can even make a similar photo montage from your facebook “likes”. As soon as you have generated your Photo montage, you can easily shuffle the images and move them around as you want to make it fit as you like and then publish it on your facebook profile cover. The Watermark put on this Montage is very large and you can remove this watermark of Pic Scatter by paying them a premium of $1.50.


3. TimelineCoverBanner : Profile Cover Editor’s

Apart from other Apps that I have shared above which automatically generate’s your required cover’s , this app so called Timeline Cover Banner allows you to create your own designed facebook cover image using its Easy-to-use cover editor. In this application you can upload and edit your favorite background images and then edit it using the application image editor.  The best part of this Application is that there are no Watermark of the site on the cover generated after editing. Thus making it one of the cleanest facebook timeline cover generating application.


4. FaceItPages’ : Timeline Cover Application

Create a Facebook Timeline Cover in minutes with the FaceItPages cover creator app.

This application has lot more feature other than just creating creative Profile Cover’s , it also provides some features such as Facebook traffic tracking , facebook page creation etc. So this application is mostly suited for professional’s who are using facebook for marketing their product or for any business purpose.

Now for using application’s from this site you will have to register here 1st. After registering you have to select Profile Cover’s application in its panel and then choose your Background image that you want to put in your cover or upload a new one of your choice. Then you can add your social networking site’s text links and your small about us description and you are ready to publish the cover on your profile. It also has watermark imprinted on the bottom.

5. Cover Canvas – Facebook Profile Cover Creator tool

CoverCanvas Facebook Cover Creator

CoverCanvas is another cool Facebook cover creating tool that provides you three different option’s to Customize your profile Cover Design. One of the First feature it has is to generate photo Montage from your profile photo’s and there are many template’s provided to select from the list. Unlike PicScatter we Donot have to manually change the picture order , this app Does the work with just a single click of a mouse on “Remix” button.

The second feature of this App is to generate your Custom text based Cover for your facebook profile. For this also they have a ton’s of templates and design’s to add the text to. And the last feature is, you can even create a Cover design with photo and text combination with over 30 templates to choose from as background image.


6. CoverJunction

Facebook Covers , Create Facebook Profile Covers using CoverJunction

There are some cool thing’s I liked about this Application a lot. The most appealing feature of it the Banner Showcase, that showcases your mostly liked photo’s.  Apart from this feature Cover junction has a collection of clean looking Cover’s to choose from. Cover Junction Also allow’s you to upload your own picture and edit it. Apart from the above mentioned feature’s it is similar to other Cover generating Application.


7.  J4 Timeline Covers Facebook App

J4 Facebook timeline Cover
This App is an On-site App and is available only via application section of facebook . It is a Fun app and has lots of options. This App helps you to create an Easy Collage from your stock image’s easily”. Just like the previous one it also has Collage reset Button.