7 Effective Ways to Promote Your WordPress Blog

If you run a WordPress blog or want to make it a successful there are many other aspects are required with publishing quality contents on it. Decent and healthy blog traffic is required for all the bloggers and Website owners. And the essential thing is that Bloggers must have to be engaged with Social media where they can build their own network. With this here, we have enlisted some well researched tips which can surely help you to promote your blogs.

promote your blog

Why Blog promotion is required? The answer lies within you. Promoting your blog will provide you more visitors which is indirectly leads your blog on a success path. So, before wasting too much of time let’s see which are those tips to promote your sites? Here we go!

Effective ways to promote your WordPress Blog

  1. The most important aspect is the theme of your blog. You need to have a good looking and decent theme which can easily grabs everyone’s attention. Use a decent theme to provide a world class user experience.  There is a lot of themes in WordPress to choose the best one for your blog. Some of them are free while the others are premium. Simple and unique theme is all a visitor needs. If your blog has much complicated theme change it ASAP and start gaining more traffic.
  2. SEO is the most important aspect arises here. So, we would recommend to install All in One SEO Plugin. Which is directly concerened with all the SEO matters. This Plugin would be there below the post and it handles all the SEO related requirements for that particular article. This plugin doesn’t required any SEO campaigns.
  3. Fix the permalink which is contextually keywords in the URLs.
  4. Add facebook like and Facebook comments post with your article. So people who read your article can directly share it on their Facebook wall.
  5. Add WP Greet Box to increase engagement from first time readers and add messaging to repeat visitors. Messaging is most essential for every post, because it will gain some loyal visitors and helps you to get more subscribers.
  6. Link your articles with the other articles. Which can build a great and healthy users visibility on your site. Link from your blogpost to other Blogposts of the same blog.
  7. Create a quality content which can sticks all the visitors to your blog and make them able to come back again.

These were some of the well researched tips which can surely lead one’s blog on to a success path. The above tips are depend on your business and the expectations you want to set with the audience.

In Blogging, Blog networking, great plugins, good contents, better SEO, good themes. These are the things which are required for building up a healthy blog. Before accepting anything for granted you might have heard that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Start implementing and gain some good experience over WordPress. Happy blogging!