8 Simple Tips to Make Your Startup Blogs Stand Out in a Crowd

In the near-saturated world of online and content marketing, can you name some of the people who’ve left their jobs, made it big, and earned their own income at their own time through blogging monetization? If so, you’ve done your research and have already stocked up on ideas for your own approach.

startup blog tips

If not, here are some tips to help make your startup blog stand out:

1. Secure your raw materials.

This is one of the most crucial parts of blogging. This is your raw material – technology. And without it, you have no means to blog with, to network with, and almost limited means to do research with. By raw materials, we’re referring to your computer, word processor, CMS platform of choice (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly and others), just to name a few.

2. Secure your means of communication.           

Your medium is through the online world, so secure your Internet connection. Better yet, have one in your phone, too, for good measure. You need to do your check-ups and updates on a set time, and you need to reply to e-mails and messages from your would-be contacts as promptly as possible to keep the flow going.

3. Stock up on the materials you need.

Make sure your desktop or laptop is in good condition. Update your anti-malware/spyware protection software and save up for an extra USB disk or external hard drive. Back up your files and have syncing apps like DropBox installed so you can sync files from your phone to your desktop or laptop for easier files management.           

If you’re working in a congested or far-flung locale, have a signal repeater installed in your work area so you’ll never be inconvenienced by bad signal.

Since you’ll be doing lots of multitasking work, add an invisible earpiece to your things so that if you must make a call, you can leave your hands free to type and research away at the same time. You will need more of these multitasking skills as you go along.           

4. Learn to code.           

Also, you’ll need some language training – as in computer language. You don’t need to be a kickass programmer (though that could certainly help boost your chances), but knowing web page development is a must (how to add widgets and plug-ins, at the very least), plus some search engine optimization to boot. Otherwise, you might have to employ somebody experienced in both SEO and web design to take care of stuff for you.

Remember, your medium is through technology, through the online world, so best equip yourself with some “language” proficiency if you’re yearning to break through the blogosphere.           

5. Research, research and do some more research.

To make your blog stand out, your articles should not be boring. They should not be too simple, either. There are already too many spun articles on various topics out there. You don’t want to add to the shallow trade.

6. Have real-world experience with your topic.

If your chosen topic is about dog-breeding, for example, do your research. If you aren’t a dog-breeder or concerned vet in the first place, then you should be out there, experiencing it firsthand as well. This, sooner rather than later, will help with your credibility.

7. Consult with the veterans.

Find specialists on your chosen subject and do interviews with the experts that you know. Not only do you learn from the pros, you establish a reputation as somebody who brings the authorities in a single place as well.           

8. Add quality through depth or a different angle.

You don’t need to make your work look like a dissertation. For online public consumption, an infographic, colorful charts or pictures with two-to-four-sentence paragraphs would do. You can save the lengthier discussions for downloadables that you can add to your blog, like a recording or an e-book.

Final word           

By now, you should have ingrained in your system that yes, you will need to be good with your content and that you need to be good with technology. And yes, you need to be good with people, too. Build up on these and you’re already equipped with the three important pillars to contributing to your blog’s strength: content quality, communication skills and technological savvy.

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