Galaxy Note 7

85% of Galaxy Note 7 Release Models Have Been Replaced

Galaxy Note 7 explosion problem was a disaster. Samsung realized how bad things can turn out to be, which is why they offered users to exchange their device with a newer version.

According to tech giant, more than 85% Galaxy Note 7 have been replaced with the newer, better version, and although it is still not a safe option, it is still better than the explosive release version.

If you haven’t already exchanged your Note 7 for the newer model, then we seriously suggest you do so because your health and life is way more important than a mere smartphone.

If you can’t replace it right now, then don’t worry because Samsung has introduced another offer where you will be able to exchange your Note 7 for Note 8 and will only have to pay half the price. That’s 50% discount on your new phone’s purchase, which is a pretty good deal.

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