A Brief on Cloud Hosting : Why Cloud is important these days ?

One of the most popular things of these days is cloud hosting. People who are interested to create their own website need to know about cloud hosting before taking any other steps. But it is a matter of fact that many of us do not have any clear idea about this! For that reason, here I am writing a short brief on everything  about cloud hosting, like what is cloud hosting, how does it work, why we need  to use it, what is the best way of using it, where can we get this etc.

Cloud hosting

At first, we should know what is cloud hosting. It is one kind of internet based hosting, also known as cloud computing. It can be compared to the electricity grid. A number of servers are used here. For a definition, we can say that- cloud hosting is one kind of web or internet based hosting and here more than one server is used as a single host. This is a very powerful and totally reliable system for customers. Here all the works are done virtually, so you can frequently choose the components you need and purchase them.

So, now we know what is cloud hosting. Let’s see how this idea came into the world. Though cloud hosting is regarded as a latest innovative, but the main concept of it dates back to 1950s. In 1960-1970 many scientists predicted about this. In 2006, Amazon Web Service first provided it properly.

Now let’s focus on how does it work. You know from the definition that more than one server is controlled by one host. Every user can access the cloud through a web browser, it can be his personal computer, laptop or even his smart phone. All the saved data of users are gathered and stored on that single host at a remote location.

After reading all these things, the question that may come to your mind is what is benefit of cloud computing. Well, the main purpose of cloud hosting is to make your server faster and safer. You don’t need to pay any upfront for infrastructure cost. This will help adjust resources quickly and you can spend less time for maintenance. Cloud host providers will give you an access to application software and you can access to the database using that application. You will get another benefit from cloud hosting, if your server faces any problem like failure, other servers on the cloud will give a back-up for your server. It will work in the same way when your server is overloaded as well.

Cloud computing is a very big trend for the last few years, and it has a long way to go. As it is very comfortable to use, several big companies are using this. The biggest example of it is Google itself. There are hundreds of servers of Google that are on the cloud.

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