How to Activate Live Location Tracking on Facebook Messenger

Facebook is one of the greatest social networking websites people will ever witness. First, it was only a website but then it was turned into a mobile phone application. The app itself was sufficient to do a lot of tasks but then Facebook rolled out into different apps that were designed for specific tasks.

Facebook introduced different apps under its umbrella such as Facebook Messenger, Facebook Pages Manager app, Facebook Groups, Facebook Mentions naming a few. Each one of these apps keeps on having new updates and exciting features to keep the users entertained and never get bored of these apps.

Facebook Messenger has become one of the most famous and loved instant text exchanging apps in today’s times. After WhatsApp, this text exchanging app is considered the best. It started as a simple text exchanging app but then Facebook added a whole lot of interesting features in it. Apart from exchanging texts, images, audios, or videos, users can also play games with each other on Facebook Messenger.

Moreover, Facebook Messenger also allows users to make group calls. One of the reasons why this app is used by millions of people is that all the communication taking place in this app is completely secure and safe. In fact, the Facebook team has made sure the privacy of this app remains intact.


Live Location Tracking Feature

Just recently, Facebook Messenger has introduced a live location tracking feature keeping in mind the privacy and safety of its user. Facebook rolled out this feature in the form of an update for its Messenger app. Once users install the update on their electronic devices, they will have the ability to share their location with their Messenger contacts directly from the app.

This new feature work wonders. With a live location tracking feature, users will now be able to continuously share their location with any of their Messenger contacts up to an hour. Let us not forget that the same feature is also being offered by Apple Maps and Google Maps.

Considering the fact that most of the users usually keep on bugging each other with questions like, ‘where are you?’, ‘where have you reached?’, or ‘how far away are you?’, Facebook decided to introduce a live location sharing feature to make it easier for its users. Obviously, when people have the ability to share their location with their friends and other contacts, they can let them know about the above-mentioned questions by simply sharing their location details with them.

Once a user shares his/her location with any of their Messenger contacts, they will be able to see the location for the next sixty minutes. Yes, they will be able to track the location for an hour. Being a user, you have the option to share your location with as many friends as you want. It must be noted that sharing a location with your friends is just an optional feature offered by Facebook Messenger and it’s entirely up to you. You may not share your location with anyone if you don’t want to.

Activate Live Location Tracking on Facebook Messenger

So, let’s learn how you can activate this live location tracking on your Facebook Messenger app. Follow simple steps to activate this feature:

1.      Choose the Contact

First of all, you need to choose the contact whom you want to share your location with. Simply open your Facebook Messenger app, tap on the contact and wait for their window to open.

2.      Select More Icon

After your contact has been opened, tap on the ‘More’ icon.

3.      Choose the Location

After tapping on the ‘More’ icon, you will be given a couple of location options. Choose one of them.

4.      Activate the Live Location Tracking

Once you select a location, you will be able to see a map of your current location. Along with the map, you will see the option to tap a Blue color bar that is meant for sharing your live location with your contact. All you need to do is tap on that bar and then your location will be shared with your chosen contact.

5.      Stop Sharing Anytime

This feature also allows you to stop sharing your location with your contact anytime you want. Once you tap on the ‘Stop Sharing’ option appearing with your location on the map, your contact will no longer be able to see your location.

6.      Track Time with Stopwatch

You will also find a stopwatch on the map, telling you how long have you been sharing your location with a contact.

Share Static Location

Facebook Messenger also allows you to share a static location on the map with any of your Messenger contacts. In this case, your contact won’t be able to track your location for an entire hour. They will only be able to see the static location. This feature works best when you want to share the location of a meeting place with your contact.

Facebook Messenger has really made our lives so much easier. The live location tracking feature is really useful especially if your kid is out somewhere with his friends and you want to keep a track on his location to see if he has reached the right place on the right time. This way, you would not have to get worried about his whereabouts and can keep a look on his activity through the Facebook Messenger app. This useful feature helps your family and friends track your movements for an hour at a given time. Now, you would no longer get irritated by answering to their questions about where you’ve reached or how long would you take to arrive. Sharing your exact location with them on the Messenger app will make things a lot easier for you.

Would you not like to try out this feature and see how it works?

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