Advanced Download Manager Android Review

Advanced Download Manager: Downloading on Android was Never Easier

When it comes to downloading and managing non-torrent files, Android falls well short of PCs in terms of convenience, simplicity and ease. Who can ever forget the boost and performance of programs like Internet Download Manager or Download Accelerator Plus? Feeling nostalgic? Well, Advanced Download Manager will definitely cheer you up. The nifty download manager app is loaded with a wide array of robust features to make the process of downloading faster and simpler, while also injecting a heavy dose of convenience into their management. Curious to know more about the app and what it’s capable of? Check out this in-depth Advanced Download Manager Android review to know why the app left us impressed.

Download Acceleration

The ability to accelerate downloads is a must in any download manager app, and Advanced Download Manager does not disappoint in this respect. To give downloading a significant boost, it can split files into up to nine parts and use multiple connections to download them simultaneously, provided the website supports multiple connections.

Pause and Resume Downloads

There is nothing more annoying than finding a download breaking only seconds before its completion. Advanced Download Manager saves you from this frustration through its resume capability. Furthermore, it allows you to pause an active download in case you need the bandwidth for another online task and then resume it once the bandwidth becomes free. Do keep in mind that the effectiveness of this feature depends heavily on the website that you’re downloading a file from.

Audio and Video Grabbing

Advanced Download Manager supports downloading of media content from pretty much every website except YouTube, which is protected by Google rules. The app scans the website for video or audio content, and waits for nothing more than a mere command to start transferring it to your device.

Website Grabbing

Advanced Download Manager supports interception of links from the browser and clipboard, taking over your downloads to ensure that the process completes swiftly and smoothly.

Queue Processing

Came across a file or two that you wish to download later? No problem. Advanced Download Manager lets you download them later. All you need to do is select the download link and add them to the app to download them later at any point of time. It’s just as simple as that.

Scheduled Downloading

The app even allows you to schedule downloads aside from queuing them, thus offer further convenience and making it easier for you to manage your data plan. It’s always best to schedule downloads for a time when your Android has Wi-Fi access to the internet.

Impose Speed Restriction

Want to manage your bandwidth consumption even more effectively? Advanced Download Managers lets you do that easily. Fast and smart algorithms are defined for downloading files. You can set speed limit for each file to be download according to your requirement.

Integration with Browsers

The app comes equipped with a fairly basic but pretty light integrated web browser. This is particularly useful when resuming an interrupted download. The app doesn’t act like a spoil sport even if you’re not in a mood to ditch your current web browser. It supports a number of browsers, including Android stock browser, Chrome, Boat and Dolphin.

Supported File Size

Advanced Download Manager can support downloading of large files up to 5GB. Anything bigger than that will send you searching for an alternative download manager. It’s nothing to worry about though, as 5GB size limit still offers you plenty of room to stretch.

Customer Support

In case you run into any problem related to the app, or are finding one of its features confusing, you can get help by sending an email to The response time is okay, though it can do with some improvements. As for the quality of help offered, you won’t find yourself complaining about it.


Advanced Download Manager is available in a free, ad-supported version, as well as a paid version with no ads on Google Play. You may want to give the free version a bit of a run before investing in the paid version.

Installation Guide

You can learn everything about installing and setting up Advanced Download manager on Android in our comprehensive guide.

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