The Advantages of Web-Based Reporting Tools

Thinking of investing in business reporting software? Web-based reporting tools allow your team to dig into a vast repository of data no matter where they may happen to be. Since Web-based reporting tools are hosted “in the cloud,” telecommuters, mobile sales professionals, traveling executives, and other users can get the insights that they need at any time. Below are a few more advantages of choosing Web-based business reporting software:

  • No Client Software Required – With Web-based reporting tools, there’s no need to install client software on computers across your company. Instead, each user accesses the software through a Web-based portal. There’s no need to call in the IT department or bring in an external computer technician.

  • Reporting as a Service – Web-based reporting tools use an “as a service” pricing model. Rather than investing in costly business reporting software and upgrading your server and other hardware to support it, simply sign up for a monthly plan.

  • Scalability – Whether your office has just two users who need access to Web-based reporting tools or hundreds of them, online business reporting software scales up or down as your needs change.

  • Always Current – Have you ever invested in an expensive software solution only to find a newer version soon thereafter? One of the biggest advantages of Web-based reporting tools over server-client business reporting software is that the online software you use is always the latest version. Plus, you do not need to update or maintain it. The vendor takes care of all backups, updates, patches, and upgrades in the background.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access – As mentioned earlier, Web-based reporting tools are always available from any Internet-connected computer.

  • Security – While your team has anytime, anywhere access to your Web-based reporting tools, only authorized users are allowed. As with other forms of business reporting software, Web-based reporting tools include individual user logons.

Traditional business reporting software and Web-based reporting tools are readily available. Which one is right for you?

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