AirWatch MDM by VMware Review 2017

If your company is ready for mobile asset management, then you must be looking for a mobile data management (MDM) platform and the first one you must have come across is AirWatch.

The reason AirWatch is discussed on such a large scale and is recommended by everyone is because the company behind it has been providing enterprise mobility management services since 2003. With over a decade of experience, it automatically becomes the first choice. Even with its flaws, it’s one of the best MDM platforms available at the moment.

We have been keeping tabs on it for quite a few years, but now the demand for MDM is at its all-time high, we decided to take a look at AirWatch once again to see how it is holding up. Below is our detailed review.

AirWatch is still the best option for companies ready for mobile asset management. A number of new features have been added which makes it even more reliable. Furthermore, UI has been improved, making it way more user-friendly. Everything you need is presented right up front, so you don’t have to navigate around looking for minor features.

air watch dashboard

Almost every feature has been improved to make their usage user-friendly. Registration is now easier than ever, enrollment can be done in a matter of seconds, and the IT department can take control of users without a hitch. Amongst all these awesome features, there are some problems as well, and we have discussed them all below.

Registration and Enrollment

The registration process of Air Watch is done brilliantly. It doesn’t matter whether you have deployed BYOD policy or not, the process of registration remains the same.

An email or SMS will be sent to each and every one of your employees with a link for registration. They just have to click on that link, put in their information, and they will be registered.

Previously, this process was somewhat lengthy as it involved download the AirWatch MDM Agent from App Store or Google Play, but now alternative enrollment options have been introduced. This has benefited multinational companies as they can easily deploy these solutions without needing to burden their employees with the prerequisite of AirWatch agent.

If you have a company with more than 100 employees, then registering each and every employee individually would be quite a hassle, but with AirWatch at your disposal, this task becomes way much easier. Once enrollment process is done, IT admins are given full control over their devices security.


One of the biggest aspects of AirWatch is its focus on security. It utilizes AD, LDAP, SAML and other token-based authentication system and all of the users have to go through it in the beginning. This extra security layer is added to make sure that the users themselves complete the registration.

Apart from that, AirWatch allows you to adjust employees’ device security in any way you want. If one department has knowledge of data that you want to keep hidden from the prying eyes, then you can add password protection to them. Rules of the passwords can also be set by you. For example, you can add compulsion of numbers and symbols, which will help make passwords even more secure.

AirWatch doesn’t just settle with passwords as it also provides encryptions for devices storage cards. This feature automatically secures everything that is stored on an employees’ device. An option for encrypted data backup is also present which helps prevent data leak and data loss.

That’s not all as AirWatch also enables IT administrators to lock down devices at will, change their passwords, block their internet browsers, block their apps, etc. All of these security features combined make for a heck of tool and it is one of the reasons AirWatch has managed to stay on top of the food chain for such a long time.

Manage Devices

Once all security registration and enrollment is done, and security tweaks have also been deployed, IT department is then allowed to manage all the devices. They can update their configurations at any time. This can be done individually, department wise, group wise, or for the whole enterprise.

air watch mdm asset management

Furthermore, they have right to request any information they want, lock devices, and if there’s any security threat, wipe out all the information. In order to get any device’s information, admin can also add custom queries.

The options are endless – devices can be managed and configured in any way you want. If you have deployed BYOD policy at your workplace, then you will have to install AirWatch’s app on all of the users’ devices. Through this app, their personal activities will stay unmonitored and all of the work-related data that needs changing and securing will be managed through the app.


An MDM isn’t complete without its monitoring capabilities and AirWatch does a pretty good job here as well. Once you have registered and configured a device, you will be able to live track each one of them. AirWatch dashboard is designed for this purpose only. You can oversee what’s happening on each and every one of your employees’ device.


A good support system is mandatory for successfully running an MDM and Air Watch’s support staff is top notch. If you are facing any problem, then you can easily contact them and you will be connected to their operator straight away. They will try to resolve your problem right there and then.

MDM is a complicated solution and it takes quite a bit of time to understand all of it. So if you have any questions, fire them away at the support staff and they will try their best to provide you with the answer.

Final Words on Air Watch MDM Solution

As you may have guessed from our praise above, we had a great time with AirWatch. It contains some awesome features and the best part is they all work flawlessly.

There are minor issues here and there like it slowed down a couple of times, the screen started tearing on occasion, dashboard took longer than expected to load, etc.

However, in the end, everything was fine. None of these issues interfered with work or devices of users, which was the main point. Minor issues on such a huge platform are to be expected, but overall AirWatch is great. If you are looking for an MDM and don’t know which one to go for, then Air Watch comes highly recommended.