all about fiverr, how to promote your gigs

All about Fiverr and How to Promote your Gigs

Fiverr is an legitimate online money making site in the Internet, which allows people to buy and sell services worth 5$. You call these services ‘gig’. You can either sell or buy gigs. Sellers post what they are willing to do and buyers pay the sellers for that task. The concept behind fiverr, is itself strictly based on this idea “What would you do for 5$”. This is a nice site for those people who want to start earning online. This site isn’t like the tonnes of other sites on the Internet, which claim to pay you, and will not. The concept of Fiverr is clever and simple to get into. Now lets get deeper. Fiverr gigs range from getting help with WordPress SEO to creating artistic watercolor image of your photo.

How to post a gig on fiverr

  1. You will see a form titled “What would you do for 5$” on the homepage after you sign up.
  2. Post with whatever you can do for 5$. eg. I will give a professional voice over for your site for 5$.
  3. Now you will be taken to “New gig page”. Choose category.
  4. Describe your gig well, in an attractive manner.
  5. Fill out instructions to buyers.
  6. Post tags.
  7. Now enter the number of days in which you can complete the work if someone orders you.
  8. Add some mind blowing images of your gig.
  9. And choose whether “your item requires shipping”
  10. Your gig will be approved after being reviewed by a Fiverr staff.

Note : If you want to post an express gig, just keep the time under 24 hours first and after you complete your first job it will be added as express gig.

How to promote your gig

Now you have created a gig. Now you should get your gig popular among other gigs. Well, social media is the best way to get more audience to your gigs.

  1. Promote your gigs on Facebook  profile, pages, and groups.
  2. If you have a blog, then you can draw up visitors by publishing your gig in your blog.
  3. Share it on twitter.
  4. +1 your gigs to increase visibility in Google search.
  5. Post your gigs in Google plus.
  6. And submitting your gigs, on more directories can gain lot more traffic. Submit it in StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit etc.
  7. In fiverr homepage, you can see “Buyer requests” in the right sidebar. Just post your related fiverr gig’s link there.

When a gig is ordered and the seller completes the work, its in clearing mode. It takes 14 days for the payment to clear. Once cleared, you can withdraw the funds or just wait until you reach a desired amount before you withdraw. The Payment is done via Paypal.


  • Legitimate – You get paid, provided you should complete the gig in time, and also in accordance with the needs of the buyer.
  • Free – Fiverr is totally free.
  • Fast – Your gigs get approved fast most of the times.
  • Good support – They claim that the support team is up for 25 hours, and 8 days a week. Support team is fast too. They answer your queries as fast as possible.
  • Simple – Fiverr isn’t one of the sophisticated e-commerce sites. It has a simple and easy to use User Interface.


  • You actually get only 3.92$.
  • After you make some edits to your gig, it needs to be approved again.
  • It contains silly gigs – some people post gigs for fun, and they don’t deliver it in time.
  • You are limited to post only 5$ gigs.


Fiverr is not a good platform for people who want to earn loads of money. But it turns out to be a good platform for those people who are looking forward to earn some quick bucks.

It takes 14 days for the payment to clear. Once cleared, you can withdraw the funds or just wait until you reach a desired amount before you withdraw.

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