25% of Android Users Upgraded to Lollipop

Almost a Quarter of Android Users have Upgraded to Lollipop

Even with this notable increase in numbers, Lollipop still lags behind Jelly Bean and KitKat operating systems.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow update is just days away from its launch and before its arrival, people seem to have decided to upgrade to Lollipop. The number of users on Lollipop now makes for 23.5% of the Android users. This means that 2.5% more users upgraded to Lollipop in the period of just one month.

As impressive as the number is, there are still more users on Jelly Bean (30.2%) and KitKat (38.9%). With more than 81% of smartphone users preferring Android over other platforms, there is bound to be variations such as these, but it is good to see people upgrading to the most recent versions.

With Marshmallow OS, Google is looking to fix most of the problems that Android users are encountering and at the same time, it is bringing a ton of new features to the table. So the probability is that most of the users will migrate to the upcoming version upon its arrival. However, we cannot say anything with certainty until the update has finally rolls out.


Image Courtesy: googleblog.blogspot.com