Alphabet Renames Google Life Sciences to Verily

Alphabet Changes the Name of Google Life Sciences to Verily

The Alphabet subsidiary dedicated to studying life sciences also gets a new website.

Google announced a new name for its Life Sciences division which was recently added as a separate entity under the parent firm Alphabet. From now onwards, the research organization will be called “Verily”. It was formerly a division of Google X.

The video announcement shows an image of a child with an audio being played in the background saying “There’s no user manual for the human being.” is the new website especially designed for the entity. It is now live in case you want to quench your curiosity.

When asked about the reason behind choosing this name, the entity’s CEO Andy Conrad said that it is aspirational. “Only through the truth are we going to defeat Mother Nature”, he stated.

The research organization has a diverse team consisting of doctors, engineers, technologists, and chemists, all of whom are working on different projects to cure diseases and promote health facilities.


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