Amazon Dash released for shopping with convenience

Amazon Dash: A Convenient New Way to Shop

It is a small electronic device offering huge benefits such as convenience and time saving.

Amazon has brought a lazy person’s dream to reality with the release of a Amazon Dash, which lets you buy a variety of home items, from coffee and detergents to toilet papers and wipes, any time by placing an order from the comfort of your home with a simple press of a button.

It is currently offered to the prime members of Amazon only.

This home ordering kit has a hook which allows you to fix it anywhere at home, where you can easily have access to it. Its size is so small that, you can also attach it to refrigerator or any other device.

You just have to download the Amazon mobile shopping app in your mobile, and have a reliable internet connection to keep this device working. The list of products that are available for sale under this dash button offer can be viewed on the company’s website.

If you are out of any home utensils or grocery, and are not in a mood to visit the store, simply select the product you want to buy along with the amount and press the Dash button. You will immediately receive a message on your mobile confirming your order request. If the need arises, you can cancel the order within thirty minutes of placing it.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezoshas has once again come up with a great product that is especially useful for working people, who hardly get time to buy daily home utensils. Thanks to the online giant, now you will never run short of household goods.

This sure is a lazy person’s dream come true, and no, it’s definitely not an April Fools’ day prank.


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