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Here’s Why Everyone’s Excited About Amazon Echo

Black Friday is coming up and you know as well as I do that one of the most popular items that is going to be flying off the shelves is Amazon Echo which comes with AI assistant Alexa. This new brand of speaker AI is getting a lot of attention throughout the media. Everyone seems to be talking about it. Just on Halloween, there were a ton of people that dressed like Echo. It is even getting mentioned in TV shows now – South Park recently showed it as a household item and it’s not wrong. Almost everyone either owns Amazon Echo or is looking to get their hands on it. The reason this new speaker AI has gotten so popular in such a short time is because of the utility it offers. It is basically so many apps combined in one, and the best part is that it is completely hands free. This means that all you have to do is issue commands and everything will be done for you. This is the reason Amazon Echo and its voice assistant Alexa is getting so much attention. If you are not familiar with this product just yet and want to know what the fuss is all about, then let’s dive into some details.


Music is a part of everyone’s life and it speaks to us in a lot of ways. However, listening to the music on the smartphones has become a drag and that’s largely due to short battery life. Almost every single smartphone out there barely lasts for a day and you have to pre-plan your usage most of the time. This is where Amazon Echo along with Alexa shines the brightest. It comes equipped with multiple music apps including iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Tuneln, and many more. That’s not all as it also allows you to make a custom list of songs. So, for music lovers, this product is heaven. All you have to do is command it to play music from your favorite app or your own collection and it will be done for you. This is easy and continent, and most importantly, it doesn’t affect the battery life of your smartphones in every way. Another thing to note here is that speakers are absolutely fantastic. So, you are not only listening to your favorite songs, you are listening to them in the highest quality. However, music is not the only thing it is used for, as there are other uses of Echo as well.


You know how sometimes you remember something that you’d want to do later on, but fear that you may not remember it. You can just ask Alexa to remember it for you. All you need to do is make a list of any name, and then you can keep adding to that particular list. If you have an idea and you know that due to your busy routine, it will skip your mind, then you can just put it into the ideas list. Another example would be of shopping list. Instead of writing the whole thing down or remember what you have to buy. You can just tell Alexa what your shopping list is going to be and it will just add it to the list.


As mentioned before, all you have to do is issue command and everything would be done on your behalf. This speaks to the efficiency of the product that Amazon has created, and it comes as no surprise that it is flying off the shelves. While other smartphone AI are good, Alexa is awesome and one of the major reasons behind that are its sensors. You don’t have to shout multiple times to get your message across as the built-in sensors will get what you are saying instantaneously. This kind of quality of life upgrade was absolutely necessary. Other AI assistants are good but because they require you to speak multiple times just to get a simple point across, make them rather annoying. Thankfully, that is not the case with Alexa as Amazon has paid special attention to getting the sensors just right. You can just put it anywhere in the room and issue your commands, and it will hear you just fine. You can have it play music in the background or you can ask it to make multiple type of lists for you. The opportunities are endless.


The aforementioned are just the highlights of the product, Amazon Echo can also be used to call or voice-message your friends and family members. Moreover, it can be used to set multiple alarms during the day for different reasons. Fans of audio books are in for a treat as Echo supports almost all the audio file formats there are and can read your favorite book to you while you perform other tasks at hand. Another great feature integrated in this small box is ability to control some of the regular functions including lights control, thermostat control, fan control, etc. You can turn them on or off, and fine tune them at will. You will have complete control.

News is a huge part of our lives and you can stay up to date easily with the help of Amazon Echo. It provides you with the updates on regular basis about the happening around the world. You can get all sorts of news from political to sports to weather. Furthermore, you can inquire about the traffic in the surrounding areas which is also a huge help. Ordering from Amazon has become a regular thing for a lot of us and we can easily track our order through this device. You can also use it to get movie timings in your surrounding theaters. Finally, it has Bing search engine which you can utilize to find out about anything you want.

As discussed above, there is no technique to using Amazon Echo. All you have to do is issue commands, and all of the aforementioned stuff would be done for you. There is no trick to this product, it is simple and easy to use. Even the kids can make use of it, which is why it has become the most in-demand product. If you haven’t gotten your hands on it just yet, then you should definitely keep an eye out for it during Black Friday and Christmas as it will definitely go for sale at that time of year.

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