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Android Browser Spotlight: Dolphin

Dolphin Browser took everyone by surprise when it was first brought to light as it included a bunch of new features which were not present in other browsers at that time. These included gesture browsing, voice browsing and thoughtful add-ons. However, that was a long time ago and now almost every popular browser has caught up to Dolphin. They all now include almost the same features as the Dolphin Browser. Now, the question arises: is Dolphin Browser still a force to be reckoned with? To answer this question, we take a look at its latest version and determine if it is worth a download.


Back in 2011, Dolphin Browser faced some serious criticism from multiple outlets due to its lack of privacy. The developers took notice of these complains straight away and removed the privacy concerns almost immediately. The latest version of the browser is completely safe and features a large number of privacy options, which will allow you to get rid of download files, history and cache cookies after each session. So, if you really care about your privacy, then you can’t go wrong with Dolphin Browser.


We all have our favorite websites whom we visit like every few seconds. This is where the feature of bookmark comes in as it allows you to save your preferred sites and visit them anytime you want. The history will be there of course but as mentioned in the previous point, you can either delete it after each session or you can keep it. The choice is yours.

Tab Management

Tabs have become a regular part of the usage and you wouldn’t find any browser without it. You will not have to toggle between different screens on Dolphin Browser as it allows tabbed browsing which makes you feel like you are using internet on desktop.

Speed Dial

This is another feature that is now a part of almost every single browser available and Dolphin is no different. You will be able to save your most visited sites on the Speed Dial and access them whenever you feel like it.

Pop up/Ad Blocker

Now that everything has gone digital, almost every business wants to advertise on the internet which can get annoying for the users. However, you will not have to worry about that with Dolphin Browser as it contains pop up/ad blocker which will not let ads affect your browsing experience.

Cookies Management

As mentioned above, Dolphin has given the control of privacy to you. You can get rid of the cookies whenever you want or you can keep them, depending on your usage.

Salient Features

Features that make Dolphin Browser stand out from the rest include gesture browsing, incredible side bars and voice browsing. Gesture feature allows you to access websites by creating a personal gesture which is actually a symbol. For example, you can create “G” as a symbol which you can use to go to Google’s main page. Secondly, we have got voice browsing through Sonar. These voice features enable you to search and share by just commanding the browser. Finally, we have side bars. These are quite effective as they contain different add-ons that are present to make your browsing experience a whole lot easier.


Dolphin Browser is compatible with Android 2.0 and above.


Dolphin Browser has been around for quite some time now and it has been receiving great response from both the fans and critics for all the right reasons. It includes some amazing features and the speed of websites loading is pretty good as well. With the usage of internet increasing with every passing day, you can be sure that the developers of Dolphin Browser will be looking to enhance the users’ experience in the near future.


Like most of the browsers, Dolphin Browser is also available for free on the Google Play store.

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