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Android Browser Spotlight: Google Chrome

Although Google made us wait quite a bit for the Android version of Chrome, the wait was definitely worth it. The web browser that gained critical acclaim for its performance on the PC clearly aims to deliver a similar experience on the smaller screens. To a large extent, it does succeed in doing that and booking the place among the top web browsers for Android. You will find yourself using the same features that you loved on the desktop version, including speedy browsing and voice search. Let’s go deeper in our Google Chrome browser for Android review and explore its features and functionality from various angles.


One of the most common gripes that people have had with Chrome Browser is its annoying habit of sending browsing information to Google using “improvement of web experience” as a justification. We probed the issue and came to the conclusion that it’d be unfair to undermine the overall security of the browser, which by the way is quite impressive, based on one issue alone. Furthermore, this issue can easily be resolved from the privacy settings of the browser.


Bookmarks and history are standard features, and quite understandably so. There are certain sites that internet users are interested in or compelled to visit frequently. Rather than going through a somewhat tedious process of accessing them, bookmarks allow them to quickly jump to them. History, unlike bookmarks, is a tricky feature, loved by some, while hated by others. It records digital footprints which, when taken positively, can help retrace steps. However, it also creates a huge privacy concern. You don’t have to worry much about it though, as you can easily clear history with a few taps.

Tab Management

Gone is the hassle of having to switch between windows while browsing different sites simultaneously. Tabs inject a heavy dose of convenience into the experience by letting users access various sites from the same window. The clutter-free experience on Chrome Browser definitely makes surfing the web hassle-free.

Speed Dial

If there is one thing that is better than bookmarks, it’s speed dial. Chrome’s Speed Dial is just what the doctor ordered. The tiles are large and easy on the eyes, whereas there is just about enough room to let you keep all your favorite websites right at your fingertips.

Pop up/Ad Blocker

There is nothing that hurts online experience more than pop ups and ads. Fortunately, Chrome Browser keeps the pesky interferences at bay through an integrated pop up/ad blocker. This naturally contributes to the performance of the browser as well, making it even smoother.

Cookies Management

Chrome Browser gives you the liberty to block or allow cookies from certain websites. Internet users who truly understand the implication of cookies on privacy will surely rejoice over getting control of their digital footprints.

Salient Features

Those familiar with the desktop version of Chrome will feel right at home while using the Android version. It comes loaded with all the goodies that has earned it so much respect over the years, including the ability to sync tabs and bookmarks across devices, save data, fast and smooth browsing, voice search, translation to any language, and last but not the least, intuitive gestures.


Chrome Browser is supported on Android 4.0 and above. For those using devices with an older version of Google’s operating system, they are clearly missing out on a lot.


Developed by Google, Chrome Browser doesn’t require a great deal of publicity. To further add to its popularity, it has been serving the browsing needs of PC users since 2008 with great effect, thus making it an attractive choice on the mobile devices as well.


Chrome Browser is available by default on devices running Android 4.0 and above. Google frequently releases new updates for the browser. They can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. Do keep in mind that there is no official or unofficial version of the browser for older versions of Android, so be wary of fakes.

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