opera browser for android review

Android Browser Spotlight: Opera

Opera took its sweet time to release a stable version of its browser for the Android platform, but what finally arrived was something that left us genuinely impressed. It’s based on the same rendering engine as Chrome, thus offering a similar performance. However, a hefty amount of features, an attractive interface and option to customize the browser through add-ons offer an experience that earns Opera a much deserved place among the best free web browsers for Android. In this Opera browser for Android review, we will explore the nifty browser more deeply to know what makes it such a good choice of browser on Android devices.


Worried about the security of your data or privacy of your browsing session? You can relax because Opera has all the bases covered. It supports encrypted connections, thus allowing you to safely transmit sensitive information across the web. Furthermore, it offers a sense of privacy as it doesn’t store or cache users’ private information.


Jumping to a favorite website is a real cinch on Opera, courtesy of its bookmarks feature, which is pretty much a standard on web browsers. The availability of history feature enables you to keep a check on what the minor members of your family have been up to on the web. Of course, the feature, coupled with stored cookies, smoothens the loading of previously visited web pages as well.

Tab Management

Tabs are yet another feature that has become a standard browser component in recent years. Opera doesn’t fail to recognize its importance and allows users to conveniently open various websites simultaneously. To avoid a clutter, tab management has been kept really simple.

Speed Dial

Even though Opera is quite similar to Chrome in some ways, the presence of the speed dial features gives it a slight edge over the latter. The ease of accessing favorite or recently visited websites through Speed Dial simply cannot be overstated, especially if your fingers still haven’t adjusted to the small keyboard sizes of mobile devices.

Pop up/Ad Blocker

Pop ups and ads are plain frustrating, no argument over that. Fortunately, Opera saves users from the annoyance through an integrated pop up/ad blocker feature. If you wish to see pop ups on a certain site, you can temporarily disable the blocker from the settings.

Cookies Management

Cookies can be both a good thing as well as a bad thing, depending on your concern for privacy and desire for a smooth browsing experience. Rather than making a decision on its own, Opera hands over the power to you, thus letting you decide how to best manage cookies.

Salient Features

Heavy on features, Opera makes its intent to deliver a complete browsing experience quite apparent. Some of its most outstanding features include an extremely friendly user-interface, private browsing mode, Off-Road mode for congested or slow networks, the Discover feature to remain up to date with the latest news from across the globe, and Speed Dial.


Opera is supported on Android 4.0 and up.


Opera is a well-known name that has earned itself quite a reputation for its focus on and delivery of performance along with a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Despite finding itself against the likes of Chrome and Firefox in the mobile space, it is managing to stay afloat.


Opera Browser for Android is available for free download on Google Play store.