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Android Browser Spotlight: UC Browser

Everything that was available on computers before is now available on smartphones, which is why people are performing most of their activities on mobiles phones. All the Android phones come packing their own browser but they have their own limitations and might not perform at the level that you want them to. This is where you start looking for another browser hosting all the features you need. It can become difficult to look for the best Android web browser in midst of hundreds available, but worry not because we have got your back. In this article we are going to review UC Browser which has been growing in popularity since coming into existence. It has some awesome features as well as some shortcomings, all of which we have discussed in this article.


Privacy has been a major topic of discussion for the last few years as people have developed more awareness about it. The developers of UC Browser are well aware of this fact and consequently releasing updates on regular intervals to increase the security. The latest version of the browser features enhanced incognito mode that allows you to browse anything without anyone knowing about it. Furthermore, it comes with the options that allow you to get rid of cookies and history after each session.


There must be some websites that you like to visit on regular basis. With the help of bookmark feature available in UC Browser, you can just save your preferred websites so that you can visit them anytime you want without having to write their URL.

Speed Dial

This is another great feature that can come in handy for all the users. The websites that you love to visit after every few seconds can be saved on the Speed Dial which will make browsing a whole lot accessible and easier.

Pop up/Ad Blocker

The pop up/ad blocker is present in UC Browser and has improved a lot since the arrival of latest update. However, it still isn’t up to the level of its competitors. That doesn’t necessarily means that it’s bad or anything, but the developers really need to up their game to stay in the contention. There are a ton of browsers available on Google Play Store and customers can switch anytime.

Cookies Management

UC Browser does have the options for keeping an eye on cookies. You can either keep them or remove them. The choice is completely yours.

Salient Features

First and foremost, the user interface of UC Browser is incredible, it’s pretty clean and yet it includes all the features that are required by the users during browsing. Secondly, we have got an integrated download manager, which is quite convenient as it allows you to download multiple files. It additionally has the option that enables you to download straight to the cloud. Most of our days are spent looking at phones on which we browse and sometimes watch videos. UC Browser enhances the experience in both instances by giving the option of controlling the phone with gestures.


UC Browser is compatible with Android 2.2 and above.


UC Browser has been around for a while and has attracted a large number of users. It has made quite a name for itself and the developers have been releasing updates on regular intervals to improve the users’ experience.


Just like most of the browsers available on Google Play store, UC Browser is freeware.

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