Android Guide: Setting Up Parental Controls in Google Play Store

Google Play Store has grown quite substantially in the last few years. It now has a huge collection of apps and all of them are pretty good. There is something for everyone. This is precisely why people, both young and old, frequently visit the official app store for Android to search for exciting apps and then download on their device. The process is as simple as it can be, with Google Play Store neatly organizing apps in various categories to make it easier for users to search for them.

Why It’s Important to Manage Kids’ Google Play Store Access?

When children have access to Play Store, they are bound to find something that is not meant for them. They could download an adult app or paid app or paid micro transactions. You as a parent certainly don’t want any of this to happen because adult apps can lead to some serious issues and paid apps will result in a loss for you. So, to avoid it, you will need to seek help from built-in parental controls in Google Play Store.

How to Set Up Parental Controls in Google Play Store

Here’s a step by step guide to quickly activate built-in parental controls in the Google Play Store app on your child’s Android device.

Step 1

Open Google Play Store and Swipe Right on the main screen to bring up additional options.

Step 2

Tap on Settings.

Step 3

Keep scrolling down until you come across Parental Controls in the User control section. Open it.

Step 4

Tap the switch to turn Parental Controls ON.

Step 5

Now you will be asked to Create content PIN code for protection. Put in any PIN code that’d be hard to guess for your children.

Step 6

To set up Google Play Store restrictions on your child’s device, tap Apps & Games.

Step 7

Select which type of apps will be accessible to your child based on their rating.

Step 8

After you are done blocking harmful content, simply tap on OK and you’re good to go.

Tips and Warning

  • You can seek help from third-party parental controls for better security
  • Don’t overly rely on Google’s built-in parental control
  • Keep check on your children’s smartphone activity as well
  • If you and your kids are using the same device, then blocking will affect you the same way
  • No need to block everything
  • Only block apps that are way beyond your children’s age

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