Anonymous Declares War Against ISIS

Anonymous has Declared War on ISIS after Paris Attacks

The group of hackers promises to bring ISIS activities to an abrupt end.

The hacking group known as Anonymous has declared war against the ISIS terrorist group after it claimed responsibility for the terror attacks that recently took place in Paris.

The group has promised to take down each and every website that is used by the ISIS to promote their propaganda and bring their activities to an abrupt end. Anonymous is not just spewing words, as it has already started to take down websites that were associated with the terrorist group in one way or another.

Anonymous also sent out a rather long statement to ISIS, in which it promises to end their reign of terror.

“We as a collective will bring an end to your reign of terror. We will no longer turn a blind eye to your cruel and inhumane acts of terrorism towards all other religions that are not Islam. We’ve watched you behead innocent people, kidnap and murder children, and then launch terrorist attacks in France. This will NOT BE TOLERATED ANY LONGER.”

The war between ISIS and Anonymous has been going on for over a year, but they managed to get more hackers involved in their cause after the Charlie Hebdo attack. According to the most recent report, this hacker’s collective has managed to take down 149 Islamic State linked websites, flagged over 101,000 Twitter accounts, and removed more than 5900 propaganda videos.


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