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Another Samsung Note 7 Just Exploded

Just when you thought that Samsung Note 7 exploding debacle was over, news of another explosion comes in. The victim in this incident claims that he wasn’t even charging the phone or anything, it was just lying in his pocket.

He said that he felt some warmth in his legs and took the phone out of his pocket. As soon as he did that, Note 7 exploded and filled the car with smoke. The victim didn’t want things to get any more serious so without even giving it a second thought, he threw his Note 7 out of the car.

Samsung has been urging people to stop using Note 7 but people just aren’t listening. The victim here was lucky as he was able to take out the phone right before it exploded, otherwise he could have been seriously injured.

The tech giant realizes that the regular news of their latest iteration blowing up is not good for them, which is why they have already started working on Note 8 and assuring people that this kind of problem will not happen again.