App Center For Facebook has Been Officially Released

Two months back Facebook had introduced us about its new App Center,  a new place for people to find social apps , in its Official Blog. Some People were also able to test. Run Facebook App Center through their facebook Account. Today Facebook has Officially Released its App Center Page to be available for everyone.

If you received Any notification just as the screenshot shown below , then congrats !! You just got your Profile updated with Facebook App Center features.

Facebook App Center officially released

What Is Facebook App Center ?

Facebook App Center is nothing but a place where you can discover all the greatest Apps present in Facebook. In fact, you can call it a place to find all featured Facebook apps which were tested by Facebook and found to be of high quality.

facebook app center for mobile and web

 Facebook App Center For Mobile Devices

 The main objective of App Center is for faster growth of mobile apps that use Facebook – this includes both iOS , Android or even mobile web. The user’s can browse their Apps through Facebook App Center and if download is needed then they will be send to the corresponding App store or Google Play.

facebook app center for mobile

The Application Developer’s need to use their app with Facebook Login in order to grow using the App Store.

How to Create Your App Detail Page ?

Any App Developer can create an App Detail page for their corresponding App by going to Facebook App Developer page. Before creating your own app detail page, you must read the guidelines in order to ensure your page does not get removed after submission for review.

Now Click on your App that you want to add the App detail page.

Now Take Edit Settings -> App Center .

Fill up the Details including adding up of required images and then click on Save Changes and then click on Submit App Detail Page.

Facebook App Center : App details page

Greater Growth For High Quality Apps Approved for App Center

Facebook through its blog said high Quality Apps that are approved for App Center will experience a greater growth rate compared to other Apps. For rating each app Facebook uses a variety of techniques  such as user ratings and user engagement. A detailed report of the growth through App will be given through Insights.

facebook app center - App rating growth

Applications that are well designed and are liked by people will be prominently displayed in the App Center. Whereas the apps that receive a very poor rating and that dont meet the quality according to the guidelines won’t be listed in the App Center.

App Developers should read these App Center Tutorials  to make necessary changes to their app coding in order to make it apt for app central listing.

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