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App Locker Review: A Digital Padlock for Your Digital Privacy

There are plenty of app lockers available on Google Play Store, which naturally make it hard to decide which one to trust with our privacy. We decided to search for the best options in the category, and that is when we stumbled across App Locker by Innorriors. While it would be a bit of an overstatement to say that it’s one of the best apps in the market, we couldn’t help ourselves from getting impressed by all that it had to offer, be it features, reliability, or even user-friendliness. Just read on to know what we learned about the app during our brief experience with it.

Lock SMS and Contacts

App Locker flaunts its commitment to keep your private communications and life out of snoops’ reach by locking not just SMS and Contacts, but also various third-party messaging and social networking apps, which notably include WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

Lock Calls

With App Locker, you do not need to worry about your kids, friends or colleagues using your phone to make or even attend calls. This app locks outgoing as well as incoming calls.

Lock Gallery

Don’t want people sneaking into your phone gallery and looking at your private photos and videos? No problem, App Locker is more than capable of serving you in this regard. It even goes one step ahead to block the camera app, thus preventing anyone from even taking pictures of making videos.

Multiple Lock Options

Some app lockers offer multiple lock options for additional security, but this app only offers one locking option, i.e. password. You can use the same password for all your apps.

Uninstallation Prevention

Most of the app lockers have a strict protection mechanism that keeps them from getting uninstalled by intruders. Unfortunately, this feature is missing in App Locker, thus enabling intruders or kids to simply uninstall the app and gain access to all locked apps. It’s just as bad as it sounds.

User-Friendly Interface

App Locker is designed to be accessible to all types of users, including people who easily get confused with smart tech. It just requires you to enter a 4-digit password and select all those apps which you want to lock. It also offers offline password recovery, a feature rarely present in an app locker.


It is compatible with Android 2.3 and later versions.

Lock Play Store

The option to lock Google Play Store is present, which is great as it allows you to restrict anyone from installing any app on your phone without your knowledge or permission.


If you are looking for a reliable app locker that offer basic app locking features and is easy to use, then App Locker is exactly what you need. However, do keep in mind that it doesn’t have the uninstallation prevention feature, so you will need to remain a bit vigilant to keep an intruder or your kids from discovering and exploiting this reliability hole.

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