Apple revokes Monster's license in retaliation to Beats lawsuit

Apple Breaks Partnership With Monster Due To Beats Lawsuit

Monster will no longer be creating certified peripherals for Apple products.

Monster, the creator of lightning charging cables and headphones that are certified to work with Apple products, filed a lawsuit against Beats Electronics earlier this year and now they have to face the consequences for it. Apple has revealed that it will no longer stay in partnership with Monster, and it is also revoking Monster’s rights to create any licensed Apple Products.

Monster filed a lawsuit against Beats Electronics, Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine (Beats’ co-founder) and HTC for conspiring to acquire a segment of Beats Electronics through a fraudulent deal. The lawsuit is still going on.

Monster has been in business with Apple for quite a long time as it has been making headphones under the MFi program since 2005. Monster hasn’t uttered a word regarding revoking of license yet, but now that this news has been spread worldwide, the company will surely come up with some sort of response.

The products created by Monster under MFi program will be able until September, so if you were planning on to get your hands on one of their devices, now is the time.


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